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Administrative and Operations Teams

Marina Schoen

Chief Executive Officer
marinaI love languages, and learning one has been the focus of my life since I was very young. I received a post-secondary degree in Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation and a graduate degree in Foreign Modern Languages and Literatures (French and English) in Milan, Italy. I have worked as a published translator, interpreter, and educator both in Europe and in the United States where I refined my knowledge of immersion programs and second language acquisition. I am honored to play a role in shaping the educational mission at Lycée, and I am very enthusiastic about the innovative steps we are taking in refining and enriching our curriculum. What a powerful learning experience we are offering our students who are shaping to become true global citizens whose opportunities are boundless!

Chana Benenson

Principal – Johnson Campus
I have a love for travel paralleled only by my love for learning. This combination has led to amazing experiences as a student living abroad in Switzerland and Spain and as an adult traveling all over the world. In 2004 I landed in New Orleans and fell in love with the city and stumbled into my career passion: building and leading high quality public schools. I am a fierce advocate for increasing opportunity for students and I love the energy of being in a school everyday. I am thrilled to join the LFNO family and look forward to the years to come! I love being outdoors and have a beautiful garden, although pulling weeds plays second fiddle to chasing the pitbull and toddler around the yard.

Danielle Dufauchard

Principal – Patton Campus
I am a native New Orleanian. I graduated from the University of New Orleans, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA with a Finance Concentration. Prior work experience has been in engineering, education (high school and college instructor), the non-profit sector and the health care industry. My passion for mathematics and being a positive agent of change propelled me to leave the engineering world to teach high school math. The beck and call has sounded again – to assist in building the first public Lycee in the United States. Great joy fills my heart to be a one of the LFNO team members!

Soazic Pougault

Director of Academics
I am French from the region of Burgundy. I love traveling and getting to see different cultures. My family and I arrived in Louisiana nine years ago, but this is the first year we are actually living in New Orleans. We are looking forward to getting to know the city as locals and not just at tourists! I have been lucky because my work has always allowed me to travel and live in different countries!

Yann Colin

Director of Middle School
Half French half British, I’ve been very fortunate to travel to many countries, and live in a few of them.  As a student, I attended l’école Française Jacques Prévert and the French Lycée in London. As a professional, I’ve worked in law in Belgium, as a teacher, a dean of students and assistant principal in France.  All these experiences have allowed me to evolve in a multicultural and diverse environment. As an educator, my main focus was to empower students and make sure that they went into the world with all the necessary tools to flourish in anything they want.  This is why I’m very proud to be part of the Lycée, to be part of a team dedicated to every student’s success and to be able to call New Orleans my new home.

Mandi Lehnherr

Director of Special Education
Originally born in Wisconsin, I lived in several different states as a child, which fostered a love of new places and people. I came to New Orleans in 2009 as a special education teacher and fell in love with the city, but took a brief leave to learn more about what education looked like across the globe. I moved to Budapest, Hungary to work at the British International School in Learning Support, and engaged in short-term teacher development and support assignments in Bangladesh, Slovakia and Malaysia. As many people do, I learned what it meant to miss New Orleans, so I moved back in 2015 to continue my work within special education, instructional design and teacher coaching. I am so excited to be part of the Lycee team to ensure that all students have the opportunity and access to become inspired, lifelong learners.

Derek Mosely

Director of Response to Intervention
I am originally from Virginia, but New Orleans is a city I have been in love with ever since my brother and I stopped here on a cross country road trip in 2009. I enjoy working with students of all ages, and I have taught English and Reading at the high school and middle school level (as well as a few random college courses). I’m excited for a new challenge here at Lycee, having spent the last 4 years teaching, running RTI, and coordinating state testing at a much more traditional charter. I have a Master’s in Literature in English, but also a passion for music, carnivorous plants, and the game of soccer!

Claire Dahm

Director of Extended Day Programs 
Bonjour! My name is Claire and this is my 3rd year with Lycée, having moved to New Orleans in the fall of 2015. Originally from northern Indiana, I lived in Cannes, France for 6 months working at the Cannes Film Festival and then promptly fell in love with Paris on a weekend visit, moving there shortly after. I lived in Paris for 2 years before moving to New Orleans and am thrilled to continue working in a francophone environment. I believe in communities coming together to raise children to become global citizens, promoting tolerance and understanding. I really enjoy creating and consuming art, playing guitar, riding my bike, and spending time in the truly special outdoor environment of Southern Louisiana.

Mary-Devon Dupuy

Extended Day Site Manager
Mary-Devon is born and raised in New Orleans, and she enjoys standup comedy and free food. Mary-Devon. has worked part-time at LFNO for the past four years doing aftercare, and occasionally subbing. Mary-Devon loves the aftercare team at Lycee, and is excited about her new full-time role.

Claire Honoré

Instructional Strategist 
I was born in Lille, a very pretty city in the north of France. In 2004, I went to work for a summer in London, and that was my first experience abroad that made me want to continue working with language immersion. In 2007, I became a teacher and after having taught for four years in Lille and after several trips in Europe, Morocco, Lebanon, and India, I decided that I wanted to live and teach abroad. That is how I came across New Orleans in 2012! I have been teaching at LFNO since 2012. I am so happy that my international adventure is ongoing. I love New Orleans!

Martin Honoré

Instructional Strategist
My name is Martin Honoré. I am originally from the Bordeaux region in southwest of France. I have a Master in Cognitive Science and a degree in biology. I started working at Lycée during its first year. I am proud to participate and to work in this newly accredited school that will be the first public Lycée in the United States.

Marina Schoen

Chief Executive Officer
marinaI love languages, and learning one has been the focus of my life since I was very young. I received a post-secondary degree in Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation and a graduate degree in Foreign Modern Languages and Literatures (French and English) in Milan, Italy. I have worked as a published translator, interpreter, and educator both in Europe and in the United States where I refined my knowledge of immersion programs and second language acquisition. I am honored to play a role in shaping the educational mission at Lycée, and I am very enthusiastic about the innovative steps we are taking in refining and enriching our curriculum. What a powerful learning experience we are offering our students who are shaping to become true global citizens whose opportunities are boundless!

Karianne Chassee

Director of Human Resources and Chief Operation Officer
I am a Louisiana native who graduated from Louisiana State University with a Master’s in Accounting, and I am a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Louisiana. I first became part of the Lycée Français family as the Director of Finance & Operations in 2013. After two wonderful years working with colleagues with incredible backgrounds and experiences, my husband and I decided to leave behind our lives in New Orleans to travel through South America, Asia, and Europe for a year to become immersed in various cultures and languages around the globe. After a year living abroad, I know what it means to miss New Orleans! I was thrilled by the opportunity to return to Lycée as the Director of Human Resources. I love learning new perspectives from all types of people, and it brings me great joy to provide support for teachers and staff in the charter school education setting in New Orleans.

Christopher Windon

Director of Finance and Operations
Hello, I am Chris Windon, the Director of Finance and Operations. I am lifelong resident of New Orleans, LA and am a graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School and received my undergraduate degree and MBA from Louisiana State University. My prior experience has been in public accounting at Deloitte as well as in public education at Collegiate Academies. My wife is also a native New Orleanian, and we have a 4 year old son, Christopher “Deuce” Windon, Jr. I strongly believe that I am who I am today due to the great education I received and am thrilled to be working for a great school in Lycée Français.

Jethro Celestin

Director of Facilities
I was born and raised in the pearl of the Antilles (Haiti) where I went to primary and secondary school. Soon after moving to Miami to go to college, I discovered the detached Northern part of my native land, New Orleans. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t hesitate to move. After discovering the positive francophone impact of New Orleans on the rest of the US, I decided to engage in furthering this vision by joining the Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans’ team as the Business Operations Coordinator and now Director of Facilities.

Anastasia “Toni”  Smith

Director of Development
I’m a New Orleans native, and I’ve held positions in both the public and charter school systems in positions ranging from Executive Assistant and Program Coordinator to Data and Grants Management. However, my most memorable work experience came in as a Saint Charles Streetcar Operator and Platform Instructor this position allowed me to share (talk, talk, talk) all that I love about my city, e.g., Mardi Gras, music, buck- jumping, southern hospitality, gumbo, and pecan pie with tourist and locals alike. Equally loved is Lycée, because it has such a diverse community. I’m no longer the instructor, but the student absorbing information from each interaction with staff members, students and parents. Most of all Lycée feels more like an extended family coming together for the holidays and sharing life experiences. Since, you don’t get to pick your family ya gotta luv’em. SMILE!!!

Cristina Sánchez

Director of Admissions & Enrollment, English/Spanish/French Interpreter and Translator
My name is Cristina, I have dual nationality (American and Mexican) and I have French residency. I have lived, worked and studied in the US, Mexico and France. I did AmeriCorps NCCC in Washington, DC in 2004 where my favorite project was disaster relief, and an AmeriCorps VISTA summer program in NOLA in 2008 in the New Orleans Public Library. I have a BA in Communication, worked as a co-editor and reporter for a nationwide newspaper in Mexico, and was an English and Spanish teacher in France for four years. I play guitar, bass guitar, a little piano and drums, and love all things art/music/creative expression. I believe LFNO has a great mission and that language immersion is the future for kids everywhere. I tried for very long to find a way back to NOLA and am thrilled to be back here!

Sophie Pena Uijttenboogaard

Director of Development
Hello, I am Sophie Uijttenboogaard, Director of Development. I am originally from Honduras, double-majored in International Business and Marketing at Loyola for my bachelor’s degree and later pursued a Masters in Global Entrepreneurial Management from the University of San Francisco. Through my graduate studies I was able to live, study and work in Europe, Asia and America. My interest in Lycée Français comes from my own education in an American immersion school, along with my love for travel and different cultures. Thanks to my experience living and working in different countries and among different demographics, I understand why knowledge of different languages and cultures is essential for future generations.

Daniel Henry

Director of Technology
I grew up in New Orleans and lived here until 1996 when I moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in international humanitarian work. For 20 years I represented the United States for USAID creating technology solutions in over 25 countries. My last 10 years focused on helping communities rebuild after natural disasters and violent conflicts. In 2013 I decided I wanted to come home to work for and be a part of the renewal of New Orleans.

Elaine Guillot

Director of Communications
Hello there! My name is Elaine Guillot, born in New Orleans and raised in north Louisiana. I’ve been working in the Art world and non profits since 2008. My background in French begins with CODOFIL teachers who instilled in me a love of the French language. As an undergraduate at Louisiana Tech University, I received two scholarships through CODOFIL, to study abroad where my love of Art and French blossomed (BFA, Studio Art; BA, French). During my graduate studies (MFA, graphic design), I used my thesis as an opportunity to bring together my love of French and design by creating the Say Oui campaign to promote French education in public schools. My professional experience extends from working in non-profits, teaching French at Saint Scholastica Academy, and as a senior graphic designer for an in-house advertising firm. I love doing what I do; designing and promoting French education for such an amazing school!

Keione Bastian

Data Manager
Born and raised in New Orleans I have traveled to many different places and I must admit there is no place like New Orleans in my book. I enjoy working in a community base setting especially those with kids.  I am a mom of an 8-year little girl and during my downtime I enjoy event planning, baking all types of goodies, and trying different restaurants around the city. I chose Lycée because I wanted to be a part of any organization like Lycée that put some much effort and time into changing the lives of our kids. I am very happy I chose Lycée as my place of employment and I am convinced that it will be an excellent place to work and serve our youth.

Gavin Robinson

IT Technician
Hi Everybody! I’m happy to be working at Lycée Français as the new IT Technician. I’m originally from Baton Rouge, LA & spent 8 years in Chicago after Hurricane Katrina. When I’m not at work, you can find me either jogging around Mid-City or on stage with one of the local theatre companies in town. If you need any IT help, just let me know!


IT Support Staff
Martin Avegno is a New Orleans native and avid spaceflight enthusiast. He also enjoys such diverse activities as skydiving, SCUBA diving and springy diving boards! Martin is proud to help keep the city’s French heritage alive and well!

Nathalie Lullier

Office Manager – Johnson Campus
The best decision that my parents have made was giving me the opportunity to spend three weeks in Great Britain for five consecutive summers from 12 to 16 years old. I had such wonderful experiences. It is from this point that for me to live abroad meant happiness. On the eve of my thirtieth year, I finally left my country of birth, France. It’s been 17 years, and wherever I am, I always feel at home. La vie est belle.

Katie Bolin

Office Manager
Hi! My name is Katie. I have been working for Lycee on and off for 3 years. I am happy to be back, you can find me in the front office at Patton.

Anne Chapman

My name is Anne Chapman. I’ve lived in New Orleans  for 10 years. My experience in school finance and my daughters’ enrollment in a French immersion school led me to Lycee, and I am excited to be a part of this team. I am a life-long basketball player, an avid Game of Thrones watcher, and a recovering Frappuccino drinker.

Franklin Bell

Custodian / Maintenance
Hi! My name is Franklin Bell but you can call me, Mr. Frank. You can find me around most days around Johnson campus.

Lacresha Washington

Custodian / Maintenance
Hi! My name is Lacresha and you can find me around Patton campus and the St. Paul building. Say hello!

Chris Cloudie

Custodian / Maintenance
Hi! My name is Chris, if you see me around Patton campus, say hello!