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AEFE 5th Grade Project: Photos-Mathons

Photos-Mathons is an untranslatable wordplay mixing the words photomaton (photo booth) and maths used as a verb). Students had to create (and give a title) a math word problem (and its explanation) based on a daily life picture (taken by them of course).

Who is the AEFE?
The Agency for French Education Abroad, or Agency for French Teaching Abroad,[1] (FrenchAgence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger; abbreviation: AEFE), is a national public agency under the administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France that assures the quality of schools teaching the French national curriculum outside France. The AEFE has 495 schools[2] in its worldwide network, with French as the primary language of instruction in most schools.

Madame Christine and Madame Severine’s 5th grade class!

In May, AEFE will publish projects from different schools over the country and the classes can try to solve each other’s projects.


Les Vacances de la Famille Jax
Il  y  a  une  famille  de  4  personnes  et  une  chienne.  I ls  vont  dans  un  RB&B.  La  famille  reste  3  j ours.  Ça  coûte  50  euros  pour  une  journée  chaque  personne.  I ls  paient  un  forfait  de  25  euros  pour  l e  séjour  de  l a  chienne.  Chaque  matin,  l a  famille  va  au  restaurant  et  chaque  repas  coûte  13  euros  chacun.  Pour  l e  troisième  j our,  i ls  vont  au  parc.  I ls  paient  32.50  euros  par  personne.  Combien  coûtent  l es  vacances en tout ?

Réponse à l a question: Ça a coûté 911 euros pour toutes l es  vacances.   
4 x 50 = 200 x 3 = 600   
4 x 13 = 52 x 3 = 156   
4X 32.50 = 130 
600 + 156 + 130 + 25 = 911  

ENGLISH: The Jax Family Vacation
There is a family of 4 and a dog. They go to an RB&B. The family stays 3 days. It costs 50 euros for one day per person. They pay a fixed price of 25 euros for the dog’s stay. Every morning the family goes to the restaurant and each meal costs 13 euros. On the third day, they go to the park. They pay 32.50 euros per person. How much is the total cost of the vacation?
Answer to the question: It cost 911 euros for the whole vacation.
Le sport c’est la santé
Vivienne va à la salle de sport, une heure, 6 fois par semaine. Elle passe 20 min sur le tapis roulant et 15 min de yoga et tout le temps qui reste elle le passe à lever les poids. Combien de temps passera-t-elle à soulever les poids en 8 semaines.(Réponse en heures.).

Réponse = Elle a soulevé des poids pendant 20h
60-20-15= 25
25 X 6 X 8 = 1200
1200 : 60 = 20
ENGLISH: Sport is health
Vivienne goes to the gym for one hour, 6 times a week. She spends 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes doing yoga, and all the rest of the time she spends lifting weights. How much time will she spend lifting weights in 8 weeks (Answer in hours).
Answer = She lifted weights for 20 hours
60-20-15= 25
25 X 6 X 8 = 1200
1200 : 60 = 20
L’énoncé : 
Il y a 24 canapés dans un hôtel. Chaque canapé peut contenir 24 personnes. Les clients s’assoient sur les canapés, en moyenne 10 fois par jour.
En considérant que chaque canapé sera utilisé en totalité (sur ces 24 places), combien de fois les personnes se seront assises sur les canapés en une année ?

La solution: 
D’abord on doit multiplier 24 x 24 pour avoir le nombre de personnes qui s’ assoient. 24×24 =  576 personnes. 
Après on fait 576 x 365 = 210 240 personnes s’assoient 1 fois par jour en 1 année.
Après on doit multiplier par 10 pour avoir combien de fois, ils s’assoient par année.
210 240 x 10 = 2 102 400 
Ces 576 personnes se seront assises 2 102 400 fois en un an.

ENGLISH: The statement:
There are 24 couches in a hotel. Each couch can hold 24 people. Guests sit on the sofas, on average, 10 times per day.
Assuming that each sofa will be used in full (out of those 24 seats), how many times will people sit on the sofas in a year?
First, we need to multiply 24 x 24 to get the number of people sitting. 24×24 = 576 people.
Then we make 576 x 365 = 210,240 people sitting once a day in 1 year.
Then we have to multiply by 10 to get the number of times they sit per year.
210 240 x 10 = 2 102 400
These 576 people will have sat down 2,102,400 times in one year.

L’énoncé : 
Alice va faire une fête autour de sa piscine.
La fête commence à 12h00 et se termine à 14h30.
Elle a invité 27 personnes. 3 personnes ne peuvent pas y aller.
1/9 des personnes invitées arrivent en retard et 5 personnes vont partir à 13h00.
La meilleure amie d’ Alice va arriver à 11:30.
Combien de personnes vont arriver à 12h00 et partir à 14h30?

La Solution:
1/9 de 27 = 27/9 = 3 personnes arrivent en retard. 3+3 = 6 personnes ne seront pas là, ou en retard. 6+5= 11 personnes qui ne participeront pas à toute la fête. 11+1=12 (on ajoute l’amie d’Alice qui est en avance). 27-12=15 personnes seront présentes aux heures demandées. Il y a 15 personnes qui arrivent à l’heure et partent à l’heure.

ENGLISH: The statement:
Alice is having a party around her pool.
The party starts at 12:00 and ends at 14:30.
She has invited 27 people. 3 people can’t go.
1/9 of the people invited will arrive late and 5 people will leave at 1:00.
Alice’s best friend will arrive at 11:30.
How many people will arrive at 12:00 and leave at 2:30?
The Solution:
1/9 of 27 = 27/9 = 3 people will arrive late. 3+3 = 6 people will not be there, or late. 6+5= 11 people who will not attend the whole party. 11+1=12 (we add Alice’s friend who is early). 27-12=15 people will be present at the requested times. There are 15 people who arrive on time and leave on time.
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Lycee Francais Student Shines at Carrollton Boosters League Finals (Soccer)

 Carrollton Boosters Recreational Soccer program for the U13 Girls completed the Spring 2021 season this weekend.  Eva Thacker, a student of Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans, shined bright as a determined champion.

  The league was comprised of 89 girls from more than fifteen area schools.  The season ran from the end of January to this past Saturday.

  Eva was a key member of the Ravens -> scoring in the first game of the season.  Eva played wing for the Ravens, making critical runs in the semi final and finals – attacking the goal.  Her discipline and work routines really paid off when it counted.

  Eva served as a team captain over the season a few times.  Leadership is something she is developing.  Playing goalkeeper was something the older girls did not want to do.  Eva took the challenge for the team to demonstrate her leadership.  It’s clear the program you have at Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans provides an excellent path for this developing soccer player, and team leader – Eva Thacker.

  As her coach, I could not be more proud of a player’s development in appreciating the game and working to develop her own talents.  I am looking forward to seeing Eva Thacker playing more soccer with you and cheering for Lycee in the next few years!
  Eva is a champion.
-Coach Kevin Wiseman

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