3.23.20 Letter from our Director of Academics, Sophie Capmartin

Dear Lycée families, 
I hope you are all doing well and adjusting to your new daily routines. All of us are going through an unprecedented life experience that can bring a lot of anxiety. The implementation of meaningful online educational opportunities aim to support students and parents in a time when most things are uncertain. The purpose of Lycée’s online instructional plan is to provide a structured framework so that students can maintain strong learning habits and continue to be exposed to rigorous academic content, especially in French. While we strongly encourage and recommend that students consistently participate in the online tasks created by their teachers, I want to clarify that participation is not mandatory and students will not be penalized if they cannot participate or complete tasks. 

The academic team has worked and continues to work with teachers on building a program that offers meaningful educational opportunities that are as user-friendly and as simple as possible for the students and their families. All activities, videos, and instructions are posted on Google Classroom (with the exception of pre-k and K who are using Seesaw). While teachers will continue to post daily activities by 9:00 am and make recommendations about completion target dates/times, we understand that many circumstances can prevent a student from participating and/or completing a task. We know that many students do not have continuous access to technology, that their daily schedule at home does not necessarily allow them to complete tasks according to the suggested schedule, and that parents have constraining schedules that prevent them from assisting with the online program at any given time. 

Parents, these online learning opportunities should not create another source of anxiety during these uncertain times. Please, encourage your child(ren) to participate and embrace the online plan as diligently as possible but know that it is also flexible. If a student is unable to access activities on a given day, he/she can complete them at a later date or simply restart with current learning opportunities. You should contact your child’s teachers for guidance when you find it challenging to follow the suggested schedule. Last week and this week, teachers did not and will not introduce any new instructional material. The focus has been put on strengthening learning skills, improving the appropriation of the digital tools, and fostering the adaptation to the new class routines. Changes in the instructional material will be communicated in a timely manner. It is important to understand that all scope and sequences for this school year will be revised and adapted due to this unprecedented situation, in which attendance and participation will not be sanctioned. 

Additionally, if you wish to increase your child(ren)’s exposure to the French language at home, I am sharing a document with many supplemental online resources. These resources do not replace nor should not be used in place of the meaningful educational material created and sent daily by French teachers. The websites presented in the attached table simply provide options to watch more educational and recreational videos, read more age-appropriate articles, download digital books, or listen to podcasts all in French. Most of these websites are entirely in French and some of them can be a bit tricky to navigate. Unfortunately, teachers and support staff will not be able to provide technical assistance to navigate these sites as they are extra resources. 

Our teachers have created substantial instructional online opportunities meant to create structured and rigorous learning habits while students are at home. I strongly encourage following these well-thought plans as closely as possible. For any questions related to instructional material, please contact your child(ren)’s teacher directly. For any technical issues, you can refer to the COVID-19 Response and Resources page on our website that contains several tutorial videos and useful links, and/or contact the IT department at support@lfno.org. For any questions with regard to the implementation and evolution of the online academic plan, please contact me directly.

Sophie Capmartin
Director of Academics