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Louisiana Student Standards Parent Guide | DOWNLOAD

Louisiana State Forms

Statement of exemption from immunization

Louisiana Health Form (2017-2018) – English | Español | Français

Louisiana Residency Questionnaire (2017-2018)  English | Español | Français

Independent Tutoring

19 – 20 List of staff tutors.
Please note: The cost is $40/hr. Discounts do not apply, and no payment plans are offered,  as one on one tutoring is not an enrichment offering. Teachers are paid $40/hr., and it is the same arrangement as one would make with a private tutor off campus. Parents are billed monthly. Once families have established days and times, they should contact .Families will be sent terms to sign, and teachers will sign term sheets as well. Attendance is monitored and payments are collected through Campbrain, the software Extended Day uses for all of our programs.

Science Fair Updated Due Dates:

Step # Assignment Due Date
Step 3 Final Literature Review Dec 19
Step 4 Hypothesis, Variables, and Design Jan 16
Step 5/6 Conduct your experiment and Record your data; Write about your results Feb 13
Step 7/8 Formal Lab Report and Tri-fold Poster March 5
Step 9 Classroom Presentations Week of March 9-13
FINAL Science Fair March 19 4:30-6:30
Science Fair Resource Documents
1. Science Fair Instructional Packet | DOWNLOAD
2. Research Paper Rubric | DOWNLOAD
3. Formal Lab Report Example | DOWNLOAD
4. Jan. 16 Due Date Rubric | DOWNLOAD
5. Feb. 13 Due Date Rubric | DOWNLOAD
6. FINAL PROJECT grading Rubric | DOWNLOAD


Updated on Feb. 7, 2020