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Unified Classroom


Follow these instruction if you have never had a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account.

  1. Open a web browser,  access your PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal | CLICK HERE.
  2. On the Student and Parent Portal Sign In page click, “Parent Sign In“.
  3. On the Welcome Unified Classroom page click, “Create an Account Here“.
  4. On the Set Up Your New PowerSchool ID page enter the required information and click “Create PowerSchool ID“.
  5. On the “That Was Easy, You’re All Set” page, save or write down your PowerSchool ID and Sign In URL.
    You will need this information to sign in to Unified Classroom in the future.

NEXT: Sign In to Unified Classroom.

  1. Click “Continue to Unified Classroom Sign In“.
  2. On the Welcome to Unified Classroom page, enter your username and password and then click Sign In.

NEXT: Link Students

If you already have a username and password in your district’s PowerSchool Parent Portal and have linked students to your account, skip to Link Account.

  1. On the Welcome to Unified Classroom page, click I Have a Student Access Code. 
  2. Enter the student’s name, access code, and password. The access code and access password is provided by your school. You may have received it via email or mail.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • Click Add Another Student and enter the student’s name, access code, and password.
  • Click Continue to proceed to the Unified Classroom Dashboard.

4. Note the students you added to your account appear in the Student Selector.

PowerSchool Unified Classroom Help | CLICK HERE
For persistent issues please email


You should have already created a PowerSchool Parent Portal account username and password from last year.

  1. On the Welcome to Unified Classroom page, click I Have a Username and Password in My District’s PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  2. On the Sign In To Link Your Account page, enter your existing username and password and then click Sign In.
    *Parents without a PowerSchool Parent Portal account will first need to contact their student’s school and receive an Access ID and Access password for their child. Once a Parent Portal account has been created, it can be easily converted into a Unified Classroom ID using the instructions above.
  3. On the Unified Classroom Dashboard, note your students appear in the Student Selector.

UPDATED: September 18, 2019