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Rigorous. Supportive. Engaging.

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans provides students a robust academic environment to explore new ideas, push their limits, and reach their full potential. Our approach to language immersion ensure that Lycée students are challenged and supported inside and outside of the classroom as they become fully multilingual. LFNO perfectly merges the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Education with the stringent rigor of the French Ministry of Education to create a truly unique curriculum.

Why Immersion?

College & Career

Graduates of French immersion programs have satisfied the requirements of not one, but two education systems - the U.S. and France. As such, their academic achievements are highly regarded within higher education and across many career sectors.

Cognitive Development

Students learning in environments focused on language immersion have the added benefit of regularly adapting to learning in multiple languages. This allows their brain to develop sophisticated problem solving, memory recall, and other skills in critical learning years.

Global Exposure

We focus on providing students with dynamic learning opportunities to drive engagement in innovative ways. This involves immersing students in the cultures of the 53+ countries around the world where French is spoken, setting their sights on a global future.