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Priestley Campus


Principal Tiguida Mathieu

Priestley Campus

Academic excellence in a close-knit community.

Our recently renovated Priestley Campus houses students entering Grades 8-12. The high school experience at Lycée is rigorous and very different from any other offerings in the state education landscape. Learn more about our approach to immersion!

Our Students...


Spend most of their day learning in the French language
Begin exploring postsecondary pathways with a dedicated academic counselor




Campus Calendar

Campus Faculty and Staff

Marie-Cecile Badouli

Titles: Librarian

Berenguer Becat

Titles: History Teacher

Raina Benoit

Titles: Art Teacher

Sixtine Berger

Titles: Teacher

Pierre Bouard

Titles: PE Teacher

Yann Boudenant

Titles: PE Teacher

Selma Boukef

Titles: Science Teacher

Keli Coleman

Titles: Nurse

Mary-Devon Dupuy

Titles: ESS Humanities Teacher

Simon Favelier

Titles: Social Studies Teacher
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