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How to Enroll

Follow the steps below to enroll your student for next school year through the NOLA Public Schools Common Enrollment Process (NCAP)



Enrollment Facts:

  • Families must apply to Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans through NOLA Public Schools Common Enrollment Process (NCAP).
  • Applications are accepted in “rounds,” meaning applications cannot be submitted before or after the start and end dates.
  • Applications are only valid for the following school year, meaning the child must be four years old by September 30th of the upcoming school year to be eligible to submit an application.
  • Families are asked to list their school choices by rank on their applications, with the #1 choice listed first. Each participating school has a code that is normally composed of three digits, which families may use to apply. Lycée’s code is 711 for all grades except tuition-based Pre-K4. Eligibility for the tuition-based Pre-K4 program is determined by the NCAP and the code to enroll is 722.
  • Note: Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans serves all of Louisiana. Families living outside of Orleans Parish are welcome to apply. NOLA Public Schools Common Enrollment Process (NCAP) is the citywide lottery for the majority of charter schools in New Orleans. Click here to learn more!

Are there language requirements for applicants?

  • Students who are applying for Pre-K4 and Kindergarten are not required to have prior knowledge of the French language.
  • Students who are applying for Grades 1 and above must pass a French language proficiency exam in order to be eligible for admission.  Please refer to our proficiency exam guide here.
  • For students who are required to take the proficiency exam, an admissions representative will reach out to you to schedule the test after your application has been received through NCAP.

Have a question?

Reach out to our Admissions Office with any questions you might have!