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Athletics: Updated 11-12-21 
Thank you to our cross country coaches, and swim coaches, for a small but mighty fall athletics season!
Winter Athletics: 
Sign up at and email with questions. Grade level offerings for sports may change based on vaccination eligibility. Sports within the Crescent City Charter League require students to be fully vaccinated in order to participate.
High school students may contact Mary-Devon Dupuy at for information about athletic offerings.
BASKETBALL: 7th-8th grade, November-January
VOLLEYBALL: 7th-8th grade, February-April
SOCCER: 7th-8th grade, April-May
TENNIS: 5th-8th grade, January-March
BASEBALL: Info coming soon
SOFTBALL: Info coming soon
LFNO has a no-cuts middle school athletics program. More details including dates for each sport and the new Athletics Coordinator coming soon! Email with questions. 


There is a $100 participation fee for each sport, and a $50 fee for non-competitive, skill-building only sports. Sibling discount is 20 percent, free lunch discount is 80 percent, and reduced lunch discount is 50 percent. Payment plans are available. Please contact, Mary-Devon Dupuy at and Ted Orphan at to discuss payment options.
Signed permission slips are required before participation in any off campus sports activities.
Athletics is now part of the extended day department and will resemble enrichment in registration as well as fee structure. Registration is required for participation in athletics following the meet and greet. 
Please email for more information.


If you are interested in coaching, please email Mary-Devon Dupuy at and Ted Orphan at


Spirit shirts for fall and winter sports (volleyball, flag football, cross country, basketball and soccer) are on sale at the Johnson Campus for $15. Please email Ted Orphan at to coordinate pickup. Parents can pay with cash or with credit card through Campbrain.

Spirit shirts for Lycée’s baseball and softball teams will be available soon.


Fall 2021 Consent Forms: Coming Soon

Medical Release Form – Required for all Athletics | DOWNLOAD