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Before & Aftercare

Before / After Care 2021-2022

Covid-19 safety protocols:

Student safety is our top priority. We will stay outdoors as weather permits, enforce mask use indoors, and maintain student’s static class groups as much as possible. 

Before/After Care is a support service offered by Lycée. Non-compliance with masking and/or other health/safety protocols will lead to students being immediately dismissed from programs. As always, repeated behavioral issues will result in termination from before/after care and/or enrichment activities, without refund. These terms are on registration documents at  


Pricing for Before / After Care 2021-2022

No drop-in before/after care due to Covid-19. 

August and December pricing is pro-rated at 50%. While we do not prorate other months with school breaks, pricing has been set based on 3.5 weeks of school each month to account for Fall, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, and Spring breaks.

Unlimited Before Care:

From 7:15 AM until the beginning of normal drop off: $60 /month 

After Care Includes:

A healthy snack for all students at no extra charge A) Unlimited Aftercare until 6:00 PM: $145 / month B) 2 days per week, must be the same days each week: $90 / month C) 1 day per week, must be the same day each week: $45 / month

Please read carefully for updates to our current payment structure:

No drop-ins. Due to Covid-19 protocols, all parents must sign kids up for before/ after care ahead of time.  

Late pick-up fees after 6:00 PM: $5 for the 1st minute and $2 for each additional minute. Repeated late pickup may result in dismissal from the After Care program.

Updated December 7, 2018.