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Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans currently has the following positions available and is now accepting applications & resumes:

Coordinator of Transportation and Meal Services: The Coordinator of Transportation and Meal Services leads, strategizes, supervises, coordinates and continually refines all aspects of transportation and meal services operations at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Interested professionals can view a full job description and apply here.

Chief Finance Officer: The CFO plays a critical role in the overall strategic management of the Lycée. The CFO collaborates with the CEO and senior leadership to design and implement the business, financial and operational strategies which are required to sustain and scale the school’s innovative and effective programs and practices. The CFO ensures that cost-effective systems and operations are in place and properly managed to support the school and its mission and coordinates the implementation of the financial plan across all work streams. The CFO is accountable for leading and overseeing the finance and business functions of the organization. Finally, the CFO oversees Lycée’s philanthropic overall growth and expansion, assisting with providing financial resources through fundraising and grants thus bridging the financing gap and ensuring stability for the school’s long-term change and development. The CFO ensures that all business, finance and advancement related operations function in an efficient and effective manner in order to fulfill the school’s goals and objectives. Interested professionals can view a full job description and apply here.

Child Specific Paraprofessional: The position of Child Specific Paraprofessional is primarily to provide moderate to intense support for a specific student. Child Specific Paraprofessionals are called upon to provide instructional support and otherwise assist the student in the attainment of the goals outlined in the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Interested professionals can view a full job description and apply here.

Extended Day Group Leader: Under the supervision of the Director of Extended Day Programs and the Extended Day Site Manager, Extended Day Group Leaders will be responsible for actively supervising students and guiding them in positive interactions with peers during Before and After Care.  Group Leaders will work with a specific group of students and a co-leader to ensure safety and wellbeing. Interested professionals can view a full job description and apply here

Substitute Teachers – French & English: Lycée Français is looking for qualified French-speaking & English-speaking substitute teachers for grades Pre-K through 8th grade. Substitute teachers who have completed pre-employment screening and background checks will be hired on an as needed basis. Interested professionals should apply here.

Other Interested Candidates: Please complete the application here if you are an interested candidate and wish to submit an application and resume for future positions that may open at Lycée Français.

“As an intern, I was so impressed by the curriculum, the teaching strategies, and the students’ abilities to excel in both English and French. The learning environment is really unbeatable here, and students are allowed to express their individual personalities, while learning to be excellent students.”
– Alarica D.

Updated June 3rd, 2019 JVA.