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Vacation at Home, student projects by Ms. Susy’s Spanish class.

We hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Spring Break! We wanted to share projects from Ms. Suzy’s Spanish class. In this activity students take a virtual trip and describe in Spanish where they went. The activity is called #YOVIAJOENCASA (#travelhome)
Can you guess where each of these students went?


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TOC Zoo Update: Students learn responsible fishing practices.

This afternoon, students went to go fishing with Madame Monica.

She split the class into two groups: the responsible fishermen and the irresponsible ones. At every trip, the irresponsible fishermen caught more fish than the others.Then they counted how many fish were left in the ocean.  It was a good opportunity to do math. Plus, between every trip baby fish were born. Of course, there were more babies born with the responsible fishermen, as more grown-ups were left in the ocean. It was very exciting, especially for the irresponsible ones who made a lot of money…At the beginning only. Unfortunately at some point they realized their ocean was running out of fish. Indeed there were not enough adult fishanymore to renew the fish population and so couldn’t make money anymore. 
So they had to decide: fishing the same way or reducing the daily amount of fish caught. They committed to taking smaller numbers and accepting regulations and the irresponsible fishermen were able to save their jobs. Unfortunately, sometimes, changes come too late, and there is nothing that can be done to save species or jobs.
The responsible fishermen avoided issues like this. They can still go fishing and make money without being worried about their future.

The overfishing activity helps students to understand the consequences of overfishing our lakes and oceans and how humans have to use resources in a smarter way.

We hope that at the end of the zoo experience, students will understand that humans are a part of an ecosystem where million of living things coexist. We may not understand how important they are but we know that our happiness depends on living in equilibrium with nature. Life can be better for everyone and as individuals we have the power to make this happen. Our descendants are dreaming of being grateful to us. 

Mme Hachimi Class Project – Livre de Léo

Here is a treat from the end of last school year (17-18), made by Madame Hachimi’s 1st grade class. Léo the Hedgehog is the mascot of our students’ penpals en France! Each student took him at home, made an activity with him and then wrote a small text about the time they shared together. They did a beautiful job; we hope you enjoy. | DOWNLOAD



8.22.18 Updated Bus Routes Available

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please find below the link to updated bus routes. We heard your concerns and members of our administrative team followed the buses along routes to assess route/schedule efficiency as well as drivers’ employing safety procedures. Changes have been made thanks to your feedback and our assessment. We are pleased to have received your email messages indicating that bus operations are now successful. We noticed great improvements since day one. We also know that there are still areas of improvement. We hope you will find the new route times more efficient. Please know we are working daily with the bus company to address the issues of timeliness, effective pick up (not skipping stops, not leaving too early, not arriving too late, etc.), and safety. We will not rest until our already improving transportation system is to our and your  satisfaction.

Thank you for working with us on this new Lycée’s first!



Louisiana Green Schools Challenge: Lycée places 3rd and creates dedication garden to Mr. Keith

Our talented students placed 3rd in the 2018 Louisiana Green Schools Challenge, in which students have to show green practices at our school! On the last day of school during our ‘End of Year’ Johnson Ceremony Erin Ryerson presented the award to our students. Much to Mr. Keith’s surprise, students created a garden from some of their award funds and dedicated it to him. We are so grateful for our mentors from Okra Abbey, Crawford Brubaker and Catherine Parler. Thank you to all who made this project possible, especially our gifted teachers, Molly Liberto and Simone Feaster-Armour! 

Photos of the garden they dedicated to Mr. Keith:








You can view the video they submitted here:

Spring 2018, Art and Literature Magazine: “En Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge


Be sure to read our student’s Spring 2018, Art and Literature magazine, “En Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge”. Submissions were sent in by 3rd – 7th graders over the second half of the year. The project was organized by Annie Neahring and curated by the editorial committee, comprised of 6th and 7th graders: Stella, Bella, Julia, Evie C., Lenore, Svara, Kate R., Isabel P., Isabelle M., Elijah J. and Madeline. Many thanks to everyone for their hard work! Read it here!



Un Bayou Extraordinaire – A song by our 1st Grade Class

Madame Hachimi’s first grade class has remade the song “Un Jardin Extraordinaire” (The Extraordinary Garden) by Charles Trenet into “Un Bayou Extraordinaire. This song is part of the “Dis-moi 10 mots en Louisiana” (tell me 10 words in Louisiana) project and sent to the French Consulate, Vincent Sciama. We are awaiting feedback from the Consulate but we are sure he will adore this song as much as we do. This song was written by the students and recorded by Mister Pascal, our wonderful music teacher. Enjoy!


Newsletter du Zoo: Mardi 24, Avril 2018

Bonjour chers parents,

Today was amazing!!! Students had two zoo classes with Madame Monica !! 

In the morning, it was animal time in the classroom!!! It’s an opportunity for our students to pet animals, to see them closer, to hear them, and even to smell them sometimes. All the senses help them learn and memorize. 

Monica brought two animals: 

     – Bess the corn snake.  This species lives in Louisiana. Snakes are carnivorous. They love to stay around the farmer’s corn, because it’s where mice and rats will come! They use their tongue to smell. 

     – Chewy the guinea pig. This mammal is a herbivore. Green bell pepper, parsley and basil is part of its favorite food. 

Monica also brought a wing from a hawk.

With a food chain, it’s easier to realize that animals and plants are connected to each other. If one link disappears, it does affect other living things. In a ecosystem, we need all kinds of plants and animals, even the small tiny ones that look insignificant. 

Today, we would like to pay tribute to the sun. The sun is the reason food chains exist. Without the sun, there would be be no plants, and without plants there would be neither animals nor Humans.   

-Ibrahima Diaban (Audubon Zoo Liaison)