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Talking to your children about keeping their bodies safe contains shareable child protection resources designed especially for families, with tips on how to start sensitive conversations and reinforce safety rules.

It’s every adult’s responsibility to help keep kids safe from abuse, and open communication is one of the best strategies.


Talking to children about terrorism

In light of tragic events around the world, parents may wonder, “How do I talk about this with my child?” We are sharing this article from Ritamaria Laird, MA, LCPC, NCC, a leading expert in pediatric mental health in Chicago, as it may help you tackle this tough topic.

Dealing with separation anxiety

Welcome back Lycée friends and families! And “Thanks for joining our family” to our new families just starting Lycée Français. We are very excited about the new school year beginning. As we all begin to prepare for school to start questions may arise, worries, and anxiety producing tears or meltdowns. In order to help your child(ren) have a smooth transition from long summer days to school days please find below a link to 18 tips and tricks that can help your child(ren) adjust. Any questions? Please feel free to reach out to me: Angel Werner, School Counselor, at I am available to assist you with any questions/concerns.

How to deal with getting prepared for school and separation anxiety.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Anxiety in students: Turning it Around

Anxiety is a normal response to something dangerous or stressful. It becomes a problem when it shows up at unexpected times and takes a particularly firm hold. When anxiety is in full swing, it feels awful. Awful enough that anticipation of the feeling is enough in itself to cause anxiety. Read more here…