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Louisiana Green Schools Challenge: Lycée places 3rd and creates dedication garden to Mr. Keith

Our talented students placed 3rd in the 2018 Louisiana Green Schools Challenge, in which students have to show green practices at our school! On the last day of school during our ‘End of Year’ Johnson Ceremony Erin Ryerson presented the award to our students. Much to Mr. Keith’s surprise, students created a garden from some of their award funds and dedicated it to him. We are so grateful for our mentors from Okra Abbey, Crawford Brubaker and Catherine Parler. Thank you to all who made this project possible, especially our gifted teachers, Molly Liberto and Simone Feaster-Armour! 

Photos of the garden they dedicated to Mr. Keith:








You can view the video they submitted here:

Spring 2018, Art and Literature Magazine: “En Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge


Be sure to read our student’s Spring 2018, Art and Literature magazine, “En Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge”. Submissions were sent in by 3rd – 7th graders over the second half of the year. The project was organized by Annie Neahring and curated by the editorial committee, comprised of 6th and 7th graders: Stella, Bella, Julia, Evie C., Lenore, Svara, Kate R., Isabel P., Isabelle M., Elijah J. and Madeline. Many thanks to everyone for their hard work! Read it here!