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COVID-19 Response + Resources

2021-22 COVID – 19 Resources

COVID -19 Procedures and Operational Guidelines | Click Here

COVID-19 Routine Testing Information | Click Here

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy | Click Here

LDH Incentive Program | Click Here

Fall 2021 – ReOpening Cafe Presentation | Click Here

Receiving Lycée Text Alerts | Click Here

COVID – 19 Governmental Resources

Louisiana Department of Health 

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

United States Department of Education

NOLA Public Schools – COVID-19 Guidelines

NOLA Ready – Text COVIDNOLA to 888777 to receive COVID-19 text alerts

COVID-19/Coronavirus General Information Line: 1-855-523-2652

2020 Archived Fall Re-Entry Plans

  • 7.31.20 Fall Re-Entry Plans Presentation English | Espanol
  • 8.27.20 Back to School Leadership Café Recording | Click Here

Academic Updates

Academic Resources: Click on the plus sign for a scroll down menu.


Organization Website  Notes
Khann Academy  All Grade Levels: A nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class  education for anyone, anywhere. Adaptable to all learning levels.

STEM - Math/Science

Organization Website  Notes
C’est pas sorcier 3rd – 5th Grade: STEM videos in French – Upper Elementary

ELA (English Language Arts)

Organization Website  Notes
French American school of Princeton Pre-K4 – 2nd: How to help your child with reading
ABCMouse/Age of Learning  Pre-K4 – 2nd: Enter code “S C H O O L 3 6 7 3” and create your personal account
Word Gametime K – 7th: Offers a variety of ELA games and help
Free Rice All Grades: Practice vocabulary and grammar AND donate rice from responses to combat world hunger.


Organization Website  Notes
LFNO All Grade Levels: List of general FRENCH resources by grade level
Ecole des loisirs Prek-4 – 5th Grade: Digital picture books (albums), audiobooks, and digital books
Lumni All Grade Levels: Short videos on diverse topics. Possibly to sort per grade level
ARTE – Journal junior 3rd – 9th Grade: Videos about current events and other topics (includes tutorials to learn how to draw)
1 jour 1 actu Prek-4 – 5th Grade: articles, videos, and podcasts about current events
France Inter All Grade Levels: Podcasts: stories before going to bed
3rd – 9th Grade: Great videos and quizzes on all topics in French, English, and Spanish!
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PW: Lfno12345


Parents’ ULTIMATE Guide to Google Classroom | English |Espangol

How to turn in a Google Classroom Assignment:

Depending on the assignment, you can turn in a personal doc that your teacher assigned to you, create your own Google Doc, or add files to the assignment.

If you need to edit work you turned in, you can un-submit the assignment. But any assignment turned in or marked done after the due date is recorded as late.

Read Full Google Support Article | Here


How do I login to Google Classroom?

  • Login with your student’s LFNO Google account. You will not be able to login from another account.
  • Go on the website Click on the blue rectangle on the top right that says “Sign in”.
  • Enter the login and the password of your child: usually, it’s the first letter of the first name, followed by the last name (Example, James Wayne would be, and the password (usually a color and an animal and two digits like reddolphin45)
  • If you don’t know your student’s login and password, reach out to your student’s teacher or the following administrators: for Patton,, for Johnson, Upper Elementary, and for Johnson, Middle/High School
  • Once done, click on the 9 dots “waffle” icon on the top right of the page. Click on Google Classroom then click on student. When you see the class, click on join.

What kind of computers are used/recommended?

  • We buy HP 11 G7 (11-inch screen) Chromebooks that are touchscreen.
  • Touchscreen is not a requirement, but we bought that to make sure they would be relevant for future uses.
  • Our chromebooks are purchased with 4GB RAM, and 16GB local storage.

Why is Google Classroom saying I don't have permission?

You are being blocked from accessing your child’s classroom. This happens when you try to access LFNO services from a web browser window that is logged in to your personal Gmail account.


The best way for you to access LFNO Google Classroom and other services is to use Google Chrome and to open a new window that is locked to your child’s LFNO student account. To do this, click on the circle at the top right of the chrome browser.

Make sure you click on the top most circle. (picture 1)

That is your avatar – it’s either a colored circle with a letter in it, or a small picture you uploaded.

When you click on your avatar you should see a menu like this:

From that menu (you may need to scroll down in that menu):

1. If your child’s LFNO student account is listed there,

– Choose it from the list

– a new chrome window will open and ask you to log in

2. If your child’s account is not listed there,

– Click on the “+ Add  (picture 2)

How do I log in to my child's online live class session?

Your teacher is using Google Meet for live class sessions online. Different grade levels are using it slightly differently.


  • PK4 – K (using SeeSaw and Google Meet)
  1. Log in to Chrome with your student’s LFNO account. If you need help the instructions are HERE.
  2. Go to your SeeSaw classroom and copy the meeting nickname provided by your teacher. It should be something that looks like the teacher’s name and grade and date.
  3. Go to and click “join meeting.”
  4. Copy and paste the meeting nickname into the box.
  5. You will not be able to join until the teacher starts the class.
  6. If you see this message, you should keep trying until the teacher enters the meeting.
  • 2ND – 9TH (using Google Classroom and Google Meet)
  1. Log in to Chrome with your student’s LFNO account. If you need help the instructions are HERE.
  2. Go to your Google Classroom.
  3. Look for the google meet link in the banner of your classroom.
  4. From Google Classroom, you can press on “Stream” and find the link for the day’s class meeting.

My child can't make changes to a teacher's PDF Document.

If your child is unable to edit or make changes to a PDF document provided by the teacher (this is done using the PDF Reader Toolbar) there are a few things you can do.

  1. Use Google Chrome web browser: Make sure you are using Google Chrome, which is needed for using the Texthelp PDF Toolbar.
  2. Update your web browser: you can try updating your web browser. To do that, go to your browser bar and click on the three vertical dots at the far right, then scroll down and click on Settings. In Settings, scroll to the bottom to About Chrome. If you click on that, it will open a window that should tell you if your browser is updated (or update it automatically).
  3. Turn on ‘Sync’ for your child’s account: you can make sure your child’s Sync is on. This ensures that bookmarks and extensions are properly installed from the school, and synchronized across different devices. To do this, click on your child’s avatar to the right on the browser bar. In this window, click Sync in On which will open another window in Settings. If Sync is Off, click Turn On.
  4. Confirm that Texthelp PDF extension is present: in the same Settings Window, you can scroll toward the bottom and click on Extensions (just above About Chrome). You should find Texthelp PDF Reader listed. You might need to click on the Details tab to make sure it is turned on (there is a little blue circle to slide).

How do make Google Meet use the grid view (CHROME only)?

Your teacher is using Google Meet for live class sessions online. Here are the steps to follow to see the other students in grid view:

  1. You must be using Chrome web browser for these instructions to work.
  2. Download and install the Google Meet Grid View chrome extension. Use this link to avoid being fooled by copycat extensions and apps:
  3. At the top right of your screen will be a set of icons including a “chessboard” or grid whenever you are in a meeting.
  4. Click on the grid, and the window will re-arrange to show all participants in the meeting.
  5. Click on the grid again to turn the grid off (for example, when someone is presenting to allow their window to fill the screen).
  6. Underneath the grid icon will be a series of options you can use to change how the grid works.

Why can't my student type in answers when using an iPad?

One problem with iPads is that older iPads cannot upgrade to the most recent iOS operating system. This also means that it can’t install the latest version of Google Classroom app and older versions may not work properly. Unfortunately, if your iPad cannot be upgraded, this cannot be fixed.

The workaround is to:

  1. Open Chrome on the iPad, go to,
  2. Hit the Chrome menu and choose Request the Desktop Site.

That way, the iPad won’t force you into using the native app which doesn’t support Forms.

Lexia does not work on my iPad / Kindle / Smartphone?

    • Check the Lexia Learning Core5 tech support website []
    • The figure here shows what they say their website supports
    • On your smartphone, you may need to specifically launch the browser you want to use first, not just click the link in email
    • On your iPad it may be that you need to upgrade the iOS version

Let us know if you have trouble figuring out which version of the browser you are using. Email us at –

How does my child's Lycée Français email account work?

We have limited your child’s email access in this manner to protect them and their interactions online.

  • Students can only send email to their teachers and staff
    • If they try to send email to any other address it will go nowhere
    • Lycee Francais will see all emails that do not reach your student’s account. Please help us to discourage your child from using the school account to register for social media, games, and any non-school-related websites and services
  • Students cannot send email to each other, to their parents, or anyone outside of Lycee teachers and staff
  • Students can only receive emails from teachers and staff
  • Students cannot receive email from addresses that are not Lycee teachers and staff
  • Students cannot use their school emails for receiving notifications from any website other than Google Classroom.
    • If students register to receive notifications, newsletters, etc from a non-Google Classroom website, those emails will not get to the student’s inbox
  • EXCEPTION: Using student accounts to “JOIN” or “LOGIN” to websites.
    • Many websites will allow you to use your “Google Login” to join or create an account, this includes your student account
    • This will still work fine for student accounts
    • NOTICE: Student email inboxes will still not receive any email from those sites. Any “email account verification” will not work for this reason.

Video Tutorials

Chromebook Tutorial for Parents/Students

Google Meet Student Tutorial

Live Google Meet Sessions Tutorial (Pre-K4 and K SeeSaw Users)

Adding Google Translate Extension to Chrome Browser

Google Classroom for Parents and Students

Para Subtítulos en Español : Haga clic en el símbolo de subtítulo cerrado “CC”, luego haga clic en la rueda de configuración justo al lado derecho. Seleccione “Subtítulos / CC”, luego seleccione “Autotranslate” y luego seleccione el idioma deseado, español u otro. Esto agregará automáticamente subtítulos en español al audio.

Google Read & Write Video Tutorial

Para Subtítulos en Español : Haga clic en el símbolo de subtítulo cerrado “CC”, luego haga clic en la rueda de configuración justo al lado derecho. Seleccione “Subtítulos / CC”, luego seleccione “Autotranslate” y luego seleccione el idioma deseado, español u otro. Esto agregará automáticamente subtítulos en español al audio.

Technology Resources & Support

Devices you can use at home

  • Smart Phones
  • I -Pads/ Chromebooks / Tablets
  • XBOX1 or PS4
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers

Learning Platforms by Grade

  • 1st through 9th grade students will be using Google Classroom.

  • PreK and K families will be using SeeSaw. Please review this description that walks families through how to use the SeeSaw tool.

Resources for the Internet

  • Here is a link to resources available from different companies related to internet access. Additional internet access opportunities will be shared soon and will be made available on our COVID-19 Response and Resources page on our website.

LFNO Technology Help Desk: 

  • If you need technical support accessing these tools, please reach out to the technology help desk at
  • Content or instructional based questions should be directed to your student’s teacher

Mental Health Team Members Contact Info:

Andrée Ambler
School Social Worker, (Pre – K4 2nd Grade)

Robbye Lewis
Patton School Counselor (Pre-K4 – 2nd Grade)

Michelle Tate
School Counselor, (3rd – 5th Grade)

Laura Stryjewski
Academic Counselor, (6th – 10th Grade)

Katherine Moser
Advisory Counselor (Middle & High School)