Dr. Chatelain de Pronville and his 4th Grade Students participate in the official ceremony of the Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans 2020

Dr. Pronville’s class stands in Jackson Square for the anniversary ceremony of the Battle of New Orleans.

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, Dr. Chatelain de Pronville was at the Cabildo downtown New Orleans with his 4th Grade class for the TOC program (Teaching Outside the Class). The lesson to be taught that day was on the Battle of New Orleans. It also happened that this same day was the Anniversary celebration of the event and the second floor gallery of the Cabildo where the class was supposed to be taught was reserved by the National Society of the Daughters of 1812 for the official ceremonies of the Battle of New Orleans.

The ladies welcomed the 4th grade class and told the students stories they held from their ancestors who had participated in the Battle of New Orleans.

Dr. Chatelain de Pronville decided that the best alternative place to teach the history lesson was in front of the large painting depicting the battle inside the museum. With his passion for history and military strategies, the professor taught his Students on the geo-political situation in the early nineteenth century for France, England and the 27 years old young United States that led to the war of 1812. Students then learned about the battle of New Orleans with many details on the composition of the facing forces and the military tactics and maneuvers used. The lesson was taught in French and attracted other unscheduled students: Francophone tourists from Quebec and France visiting the Cabildo.

At Noon, the class was invited to join the commemorative ceremony taking place on Jackson Square.

Our students were so proud to be part of the event. On their right side stood the reenactors and the color guard and behind them stood the Marines Band. Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and many prominent people of New Orleans, Louisiana and New England were attending. Students and teachers stood proud for the rise of the color and the pledge of allegiance and were delighted to take pictures with the reenactors of the Battle of New Orleans.

Following the event official attendees came to meet Dr. Chatelain de Pronville and congratulated him on how his students were attentive and well behaved. They thanked him for bringing a class to participate in this important commemorative event.  They were curious to know what part of France the class came from. They were happily surprised and impressed when they learned from the Professor that the class belonged to a local public school, the Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans. The daughters of 1812 thanked the 4th Grade class for participating in the ceremony.

Students returned home delighted, with great memories and the pride of having participated in this prestigious ceremony, celebrating the bravery of the 3000 New Orleans and Louisiana volunteers who joined the 2000 men of Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans.