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Our highly qualified teachers, teaching assistants, interventionists and support staff are the heartbeat of our school. They’re also very interesting people!


Cecile Olivieri

Pre-K4 Teacher
I am a Parisienne and I love Paris, but I also love traveling and discovering other cultures. I studied in Paris and then I left to study in Dublin, Ireland. I returned to France and taught in Paris and then in the south at Perpignan. When I moved to Louisiana I didn’t know how long I would stay, and here I am 10 years later! I am incredibly happy living in New Orleans, it’s a wonderful city. This year I look forward to new experiences at Lycée!

Elise Becker

Pre-K4 Teacher

I come from Nancy, a city in the northern region of France. There I studied psychology at university before starting my career in teaching, which was over 25 years ago. I have two sons who are studying in university now. To them I have given the gifts of hard work, kindness, music, culture, curiosity for the world, love of life, and a good sense of humor.

Sam Fick

Pre-K4 Teacher

I was born and raised in Covington, Louisiana. I attended Louisiana State University–during which time I studied in Nantes, France–where I received my B.A. in English Literature. After graduating I worked for a year in Le Mans, France as a high school English teacher. Upon returning to Louisiana in 2012 I began working at Lycée Français as an assistant teacher in a kindergarten class. I was also an assistant teacher in a Pre-K4 class before beginning my current role as an interventionist. In my free time I enjoy gardening, cooking, swimming, reading, and bicycling.
Florence Olivieri

Pre-K4 Teacher
Hello! I’m from the Paris region. After having taught for 12 years I wished to experience something new and I chose Louisiana because it’s an area that I really like. Teaching for me is a passion, I love to spend time with my students because they are so creative! Outside of school I play sports and take long walks with my dog.


Amandine Charles

Kindergarten Teacher
My name is Amandine Charles, I have been teaching for the past 10 years. I am excited to be a part of the team of teachers at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans. I am from Nantes where I also taught all grade levels during my 7 years teaching there. Three years ago I left to live in Marocco where I taught lower school students. It was an amazing experience! I continue the adventure abroad in coming to New Orleans. I am excited to discover this city and its riches. I love my profession and teaching my students with kindness and innovative techniques.

Gwladys Dal-toé

Kindergarten Teacher
Hello. While I am relatively new at Lycée Français, I am accustomed to working in an immersion environment, having taught as a kindergarten teacher in Lafayette. I have been teaching since 2009, mostly with pre-k4 and kindergarten students. I am happy and proud to work at Lycée Français, which will be the only public lycée in the United States!

Viviane Lerichard

Kindergarten Teacher
My name is Viviane, I am originally from Martinique! I graduated from the “Université des Antilles” with a Masters in teaching French as a Foreign Language. After 12 years as an Accountant Director Assistant, I decided to pursue Education. Throughout the past 16 years I have passionately dedicated myself to teaching Pre-K and Elementary grades, as well as, adults. To my surprise, it was teaching at a PreK-Elementary level that inspired me to reflect the most on the way we learn, and in particular how we take in a foreign language. In part due to the multicultural atmosphere of New Orleans and my experiences as an immersion teacher, I was inspired to research and write papers about the neurological processes of learning a foreign language. I enjoy being exposed to so many different cultures and every year is a challenge as I meet children with different needs and personalities. The key word is to be able to work collaboratively with the whole educational community involved in the child’s education. Additionally, I like traveling, hiking and playing board games.

Ana Treffinger

Kindergarten Teacher
I was born and raised in New Orleans and went through the French immersion program at Audubon Montessori. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I received my BFA. While in college I nannied part time and became interested in early childhood education. I worked for two years as a classroom teacher at McGehee’s Little Gate before taking a year off to attend an artist residency in Mississippi. I am excited to return to teaching!

Marielle PeeterBroeck

Kindergarten Teacher
Hello. My name is Marielle. I come from Belgium, a country north of France. After graduating, I worked in Brussels as a primary school teacher in 4th, 5th and 6th grade for seven years. I taught French too for 3 years in an immersion program with children from different countries. During that period, I helped pupils in 1st through 6th grade with difficultes in French and Mathematics. I love my job because there are a lot of challenges and I think it’s very important to teach with kindness so that the pupils can flourish while learning. I can’t wait to start this new adventure in the Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans and discover this beautiful country.

First Grade

Julie Vernice

First Grade Teacher
Bonjour tout le monde, my name is Julie. I am from Draguignan, a town in the south of France. My dad is italian and that is where my passion for languages comes from. I have studied English and Italian at university and I have been a school teacher for 8 years. I have always wanted to live and work in the USA. Louisiana, with its french culture, seems to be the perfect place to share my knowledge and live new experiences. I am so excited to discover the Lycée Français and my new students.

Anne-Laure Dijoux

First Grade Teacher

I was born in France and raised in Reunion Island: the most beautiful place on Earth! I started teaching in Mayotte Island (Comoros Archipel) in 2006. When I was there, I also studied French Literature and obtained a degree to teach French as a foreign language. In 2011, I moved to Louisiana through CODOFIL to teach French Immersion in Cecilia where I fell in love with the Cajun culture! I have been living my “American Dream” since that. I love teaching, I love the challenge of learning new languages and I love traveling. After a short year teaching in Florida, I am beyond excited to come back to Louisiana and to be part of the team at the LFNO!
Carine Coleno-Drouin

First Grade Teacher
Hello.  My name is Carine. I come from a little city near Paris, France. I am an elementary teacher and in France I enjoyed teaching children from many different cultures. l love travelling and it will be my first experience to live in a country other than France. I chose Louisiana because I was so attracted by the culture of the state.  I am really excited to teach in the Lycée Français and use my experience with my students. It will be a family experience since I come with my husband Vincent who will be a teacher at the LFNO too and my 3 kids!

Salma Anguilet

First Grade Teacher
Mbolo ani! That’s how we say Hello, Bonjour everybody in Gabon. I am Salma ANGUILET born and raised in motherland precisely in Gabon from the capital Libreville (Freetown). I am Moroccan and Gabonese as one of my friend said I am a ‘’Gumbo’’.I started teaching in Morocco then Gabon and I love teaching. I love surprising my student all the time, teaching them all I know using new teaching techniques and I do love challenges and learning how to improve my teaching skills. Travelling is my favorite hobby, my everything first time I travelled I was 3 years old by myself I think my mom new it from the beginning. I always wanted to come to the US and see how education systems compare across the globe so when I found the opportunity to do the 2 things I love I didn’t hesitate and said Yes. New adventure, new challenges, having the possibility to share my life my experiences and talk with the kids about Africa about me is a dream coming true. I love food, entertainment, and fun– all of which New Orleans has to offer. So Thanks for having me at Lycee Family and also at New Orleans in which every day I discover the deep and magnificent culture and music you have here. I simply love this city and love to be part of this amazing school LFNO!    

Benedict Granie

First Grade Teacher
Hello, I am Benedict and I am excited to join the Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans team this year. I am originally from the Paris region and I began my career as a one who works with children with intellectual disabilities. I am passionate about traveling to discovering other cultures, I have taught Mayotte for 7 years, Guyane for 2 years and the last 3 years in Cambodia. Now I wish to share my knowledge and experiences in order to help my students progress and become independent, free thinkers and to express themselves in a space that is accepting, and respectful of the needs of others. In this “grand American adventure”, I will be accompanied by my husband and my daughter who will be attending LFNO too!

Second Grade

Séverine LaHoche

Second Grade Teacher

Hello, I am Séverine Lahoche, born in Châlons in the Champagne region on the East side of France. I have been a teacher since 2001 and taught for 15 years in Boulogne Sur Mer, in the North of France where I was married and had my 3 children. I then taught for 3 years in Casablanca in Morocco in a Lycée Français. Discovering this country, its landscapes and culture was an amazing experience for me. I love to travel and have had many opportunities to do so like, when I was young traveling to many countries traveling with my swim team, and when I was an au pair, then later with my husband, and now with my family to New Orleans and LFNO; I am very excited to teach. I enjoy practicing theatre on my own and with my students and encouraging them to sing. I hope to continue this practice in Louisiana, a state full of beautiful and interesting cultures.

Emilie Gauthier

Second Grade Teacher
Hello. My name is Emilie, and I am from Nantes, a city situated in the west of France. After studying psychology, I became an elementary school teacher. As an educator, I wish to share my language and my culture through teaching. What I love about my job, it’s when I see my students working together and expressing the joys of success.

Kelsi Dougherty

Second Grade Teacher
Hi there! My name is Kelsi. I’m a lifelong resident of Louisiana. I’m originally from St. Francisville, but I lived in Baton Rouge for five years to attend LSU before moving down to New Orleans in 2013. I worked as an assistant at École Bilingue for two years, then spent this past year in Rennes, France working as an assistant and taking master’s courses. I love music (you’ll probably hear me singing with the kids at least once!) and fully take advantage of the thriving music scene here in New Orleans. I’m so excited to be a part of the team here at Lycée.

Aurélie Pierrard

Second Grade Teacher
Hello I’m Aurélie (o-ray-lee) and I’m French. I’m originally from Cannes on the French Riviera. I’ve been lucky to teach for the French immersion program in Lake Charles for three years with the CODOFIL and I’m very excited to be back to Louisiana and be part of the Lycée Français. I have a degree in economics and spent a year in Montréal, Canada to study science education.

Chelsea Krout

Second Grade Teacher
After spending the first 20 years of my life in Pennsylvania, I ran away to France where I lived for 2 years. Upon returning to the U.S. I packed my bags (again) and moved to New Orleans in 2012. I started at Lycée 5 years ago in Pre-K. Since then I have moved up the ranks through Kindergarten and first grade, and this year I am a proud second grader. Like many of my fellow second graders, my favorite subjects are snack and recess. When I grow up I want to be Batman.

Mahmoud Chouki

Music Teacher – Patton
Mahmoud is a master guitarist,multi-instrumentalist and composer. From the age of eight, Mahmoud trained at the Conservatory of Larache in northern Morocco and continued on at the National Conservatory in Rabat, with a focus in music theory and classical guitar. Soon after graduating, he embarked on a journey throughout Morocco with a keen interest in traditional instruments of Maghreb and Africa. His repertoire started to integrate the sounds and rhythms of various regions, using both the classical guitar and instruments such as the loutar, a traditional instrument of the Middle Atlas region of Morocco; the sintir, a Sub-Saharan instrument from the Sahel region (Mali); the oud, an oriental lute; the Algerian mandole, a steel-string fretted instrument resembling an elongated mandolin; the Bağlama saz, a Turkish long necked bowl-lute; the banjo, and a variety of percussion instruments. His music draws from a number of influences including classical (Europe), Andalusian (Southern Spain), Levantine (Middle East/West Asia), Maghrebian (North Africa), Latin (South America), and Jazz (United States). Learn More

Our highly qualified teachers, teaching assistants, interventionists and support staff are the heartbeat of our school. They’re also very interesting people!

Third Grade

Emily Thibodeaux

Third Grade Teacher
I come from Lafayette and was born and raised in Acadiana. Louisiana francophone heritage and language are very important to me and a big reason why I am happy to teach French immersion. I previously completed by B.A at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and hold two Masters, an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University and an MAT from Centenary College. After previously teaching for 3 years at South Louisiana Community College I have worked for Alliance Française, been a “jeune ambassador” for the Centre de la Francophonie des Ameriques in Canada, and lived in Rennes, France for two years as I both studied and worked as an English Language Assistant at a lycée. I have a passion for teaching, culture, food, music, dance, and am completely obsessed with by dog, Francis.

Audrey Congi

Third Grade Teacher
I come from Belgium, a tiny country near the north of France. After graduating from university, I worked as a primary teacher in an immersion program for nine years in Liège, the city where I come from. I have always taught third and fourth graders, for whom I have great appreciation. They are avid learners! I often feel as if I am growing with them. My husband and I are extremely happy to live here in New Orleans, and we can’t wait to discover all the beauties that Louisiana has to offer.

Peggy Marchal

Third Grade Teacher

My name is Peggy. I am from the Paris region. I studied science and I love mathematics. I love sharing my passions and pursuits with my students. I am delighted to teach at Lycée Français and to live in New Orleans with my husband and my two children Emma and Gabriel. Outside of school, I love learning, walking, reading, traveling, and laughing…


Caroline Monnier

Third Grade Teacher
My Name is Caroline, I was born in France and grew up in the country, however the last 25 years I have lived near Paris. I have been teaching for 21 years. I have taught in preschool and elementary before becoming a Director for the past 14 years. I value kindness and respecting of the learning styles and paces of all students in my class. I love discovering new cities and meeting new people, learning English, visiting museums, cooking for others, reading, bird watching, swimming, and a thousand other things!

David Prevet

Third Grade Teacher
Hello, my name is David. I was born in the French mountains (« Les Alpes »). I lived there until I was sixteen years old and then I followed my family to the north of France : in « Picardie ». The change was real but I understood moving is living and learning!!! I studied sports at university in Soissons and Lille and discovered my love of working with and teaching children. This is why I became a teacher. I have been a substitute teacher since 2005, which allows me to work with all grade levels. Trust me, I’m never bored! It’s now time for a new challenge : teach at the « Lycée Français de La Nouvelle Orléans ». I’m very glad and excited ; « j’ai hâte de vous rencontrer…. »

Fourth Grade

Margot Marks

Fourth Grade Teacher
Hi! My name is Margot and I am a born and raised New Orleanian (but with a french mother)! I attended an elementary immersion school here in New Orleans where I developed a real love for the language. I am incredibly excited to get to share that love with my students next year!

Jérôme LaHoche

Fourth Grade Teacher
Bonjour! My name is Jérôme, I am 40 years old. My wife Sévrine is also a professor at LFNO and my 3 children attend too. They have all accompanied me on this adventure to New Orleans and we are so excited! Previously we spent 3 years in Morocco at the Lycée Français de Casablanca. I am originally from the north of France. I enjoy meeting new people, playing sports, and discovering new places. I have been using various digital apps and tools in my teaching pracitce.

Sarah Mellouki

Fourth Grade Teacher
Hi, I’m Sarah and I come from Brittany, in the northwest of France. I studied physics and chemistry for three years before becoming a primary school teacher. I love cinema, arts and music. I am really thankful to be able to teach at Lycée and share my culture with American students. I already love New Orleans, and I’m sure it will be a rich and wonderful year!

Olivier Chatelain de Pronville

Fourth Grade Teacher
I arrived in Louisiana in 1992 to start a BA in Modern Languages, that turned into an MA in French and finally a PhD in Francophone Studies. I only left Louisiana for 6 short years spent at UT Austin where I met my beautiful wife. Teaching is a passion. I have taught students from Kindergarten to University and I am honored to teach in the uniquely progressive environment of Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans. New Orleans has always been the focal point for everyone from the Louisiana purchase to this day due to its location in Louisiana, its rich and vibrant culture and its mix of people from all over the world. The Lycée beautifully exemplifies that. I could go on and on, but I should say: continuons cette fois: en français!

Noémie Larroche

Fourth Grade Teacher

Hi everyone! My name is Noemie (not Naomi, even though it doesn’t matter) and I come from the South West of France. I was born in Marmande (which people call the “tomato country”), I studied Educational Sciences in Bordeaux (which is famous for its wine) and I have lived in Auch (which is known for ducks from the Gers) with my husband. A few years ago, I spent a year in Australia as an aupair and as soon as I returned home my major preoccupation was to live abroad again. I love travelling so much: meeting new people, discovering new cultures, visiting foreign schools (…) and that’s why I wanted to come to Louisiana. I can teach French to students while living in another country which I’m excited to discover. For many years, I played basketball.
I am very happy to start a new adventure at LFNO.

Fifth Grade

Christine Giat

Fifth Grade Teacher
 Bonjour! I am from Fontainebleau a very beautiful small city, with a historical Castle, Chateau de la Renaissance, in the heart of a beautiful forest. It is in the outskirts of Paris. I have loved being an Elementary teacher for 34 years, the last 7 years at the International School Leonard Da Vinci in this town.  I am very happy to finally discover Louisiana with its rich culture, history and to improve my English.  I am passionate about children’s Litterature and I am looking forward to sharing it with my students.

My hobbies are dancing (Tango,salsa, etc), Nordic walking,  reading Non-Fiction novels. I also enjoy travelling, going to the movies, and visiting historical places.

Vincent Drouin

Fifth Grade Teacher
Hello! My name is Vincent and I come from France and I am excited to live « l’aventure louisianaise » au Lycée Français with Carine -teacher at Patton campus- and our 3 children Erwen, Eliot and Juliette. In France I have had several professional lives: first as an engineer and also a few years in the cinema. Then I taught children from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Paris suburbs. My personal passions are divided between movies, running in challenging landscapes, chess, traveling, reading … Coming to New Orleans is our first international excursion and we intend to live by immersing ourselves in the local culture and remaining open to all new experiences!

Florence Galliano

Fifth Grade Teacher
I come from SOMMIERES, a city in the south of France, close to the MEDITERRANEAN sea. I have been working for more than twenty years in French schools and a few years ago, I learned how to teach French as a foreign language at university; so, I am happy to start practising what I learned and use it at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans. I am married, we have two children, a son and a daugther. We all love travelling! In my free time, I like riding, running, reading and practising yoga.

Jeremy Deveil

Fifth Grade Teacher
Hi everyone! My name is Jeremie and this is my first year at LFNO. I come from Bordeaux. I like movies especially those by David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. Contemporary American Litterature is definitely my favourite literary genre and I am also a big fan of rock music. I enjoy playing and watching most sports as well. I am looking forward to discovering a new way of teaching and I hope this is going to be a great year for my 5th graders and me.

Karim Brard

Fifth Grade Teacher
Hi, I hail from Brittany, a beautiful but small place which was invaded by French people a long time ago. They still do that, every summer, because of the beauty of our land. I grew up speaking French like most of my bro from this region. It’s a small place with very little room for all of us. I decided to leave, or maybe they decided to let me go. It’s difficult to know, maybe because of our wandering Celtic culture. Since I left, I’ve been in love with traveling and I have spent almost half of my life outside of my own country. Before coming here, I was in Asia, and way before that in the Indian Ocean and others strange places. It’s why I’m glad to come back here, to the United States, after 25 years. I am really excited to discover New Orleans which is one of the greatest places in the world for music, fun and food; where people are known for their friendly attitude and their lovely smiles. Be aware tho that I’m Celtic-French, so one day I could decide to invade your country with my language !

Middle School

Pauline Fontaine

Middle School Teacher
Hi! My name is Pauline Fontaine. I was born in France and lived there for most of my life. I have been teaching math in a French school in Los Angeles since 2014, and I lived and attended a public school in Minnesota as a child, so I am no stranger to the American culture. I am now thrilled to discover New Orleans. I have almost 10 years of teaching experience and one of my main goals is to make students appreciate and feel comfortable with math. Outside school, I love traveling, discovering new places and enjoying life in general!

Dora Kebadio Muanda

Middle School Science Teacher
Hello, I’m a belgian girl and I come from Congo, a big country in the center of Africa. I’m a biologist and I studied also sciences didactics at Louvain-la-neuve and Brussel, two differents cities in Belgium, before to work as a teacher since 2015. I take a lot of pleasure to discover all about education systems around the world specifically in sciences field. I’m sure It’s will be a great experience to live and teach in New-Orleans, in an immersion framework. My interest for non violent communication is a major skill in co-working. I’m so happy to join the lycée français team, we have so much things to share together…

Susy Raga

Middle School Spanish Teacher
Hola, hola! My name is Susy Raga and I am from Valencia, España. I studied Hispanic and Italian Philology at Valencia University, as well as Social and Cultural Anthropologie at Uned (Universidad nacional a distancia de España). I became teacher more than 12 years ago and I am still learning. I have lived in NOLA for 6 years and I really, really, really love this city. I am excited to start a new adventure at Lycée; I am sure it is going to be an awesome year! I love creating costumes, travelling and reading…did I mention I love New Orleans?

Aida Roig Bruño

Middle School Spanish Teacher

Hola! My name is Aida and I come from a small village in the south of Catalonia, Spain.I studied Translation and Interpreting in Barcelona, then I got my certificate to become a teacher and after that I did a Postgraduate course in International Business and another in Asian Culture and Economics. I speak English, French, Spanish, Catalan and some German. I love learning new things, travelling, and I love teaching; I learn a lot from my students and I do my best so that they always learn from me as well. I am coming with my husband and my son, who will also be attending the Lycée. I am so excited to start this adventure in New Orleans and at the Lycée!!!

Priscille Laurent

Middle School Teacher
Howdy, I am Priscille Laurent. I am Originally from Guadeloupe, an island in the Caribbean also called by the Arawak people Karukera aka the island with beautiful water. I graduated from the University of the French West Indies with a Master in Applied Mathematics. I taught Math at a High school level for fourteen years, then three years at a middle school level in a French immersion environment when I decided to come to Louisiana three years ago. As I love to travel my teaching experiences took me to France, Barbados, New Iberia, and today, New Orleans. But for leisure I also visited India, Thailand, the UAE, and different European countries.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, running, playing basketball, cooking, watching movies, learning languages. I love to experience different cultures, food, meet different types of people basically step outside of my comfort zone. For the past three years, I have had the privilege of coaching Archery, a good application of Physics and Mathematics..and it’s been a lot of fun for kids who are not necessarily sport-oriented. If I had to state one thing that defines me it would be the ability to take on challenges, adapt and rebound the best I can. I hope to have a great fourth year in Louisiana and first year at Lycée.

Eline Verbeke

Middle School Teacher

Hi, my name is Eline. I am from Mouscron, Belgium. I studied history and geography. I became a teacher in Brussels and I decided to study french as a second language. I am excited to start a new adventure at Lycée.

Jinger Whiddon

Middle School Teacher
I am from Pensacola, Florida, but moved to a few different cities in the U.S. before choosing New Orleans as my forever home in 1996. I am a returning English teacher with two kids who are also students at Lycée. I have a passion for education that was ingrained in me and carried on by my entire family. I also love history, literature and cultural and physical geography. Teaching kids about all of these is a privilege, oh and so much fun!

Caitlin Orgeron

Middle School Teacher
Bonjour! I’m Caitlin, and I’m a Louisiana native from the tiny town of Cut Off in Lafourche Parish. I fell in love with the French language as a high school student and went to LSU to major in French Secondary Ed. Since receiving my B.A. in 2011, I have lived in France for a year as an English teaching assistant, gotten my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, and taught French and French Immersion throughout the state. Since starting my teaching career seven years ago, I have always had my heart set on teaching in New Orleans, so I am overjoyed to get to be a part of the Lycée Français team this year as a middle school math and French teacher! When I’m not teaching, I enjoy reading, running, cooking, and exploring the city.

Yvan Favreau

Middle School French
My name is Yvan Favreau and I am French Canadian ”Un Canadien Errant”. I have taught French 9 years (3 times 3 years) in Lafayette. Between those 3 times. I have been fortunate to travel and teach French as world language teacher in different countries including : Taiwan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Turkey. I am very excited to join LFNO team to teach and bring my expertise where kid’s learning is my priority. I feel I am coming back home

Abdelhadi Eddamiri

Middle/High School Social Studies
Hi! My name is Abdelhadi, I’m from Vaires sur Marne, a small village not too far from Paris where living is easy. Legend says Joan of Arc hid her sword in the village church, but that hasn’t been verified yet. In any case, I have been teaching the past 18 years. I initially started teaching middle school before moving to elementary education and then back to middle school where I specialized in teaching history, which has been my passion for the past 11 years. I was also lucky to have had the chance to travel, I taught in a provincial school in Montreal and also spent time working and studying in San Diego. I love to travel and I appreciate peoples’ stories and cultural exchanges. I am happy and proud to be among you.

Nadia Talata

Middle/High School French
From Chartres to New Orleans: so good to take this great leap ! Building bridges between people through education, culture, cooking is dear to me;) Working with my students on projects like litterature, theater, storytelling or on how we can impact to protect out planet sounds just like sailing on the ocean and be a team together to reach our goals.In life I love to laugh, run, swim, eat, share, travel, pass on and learn. Happy and excited to start this new year with you all !! 🙂

Benjamin Pellet

Middle/High Science Teacher
Hi! I’m Benjamin. I was born in Paris but I actually grew up in Bordeaux and I’ve studied Physics and Chemistry at Bordeaux’s university. I love all kinds of sports but tennis and soccer are my favorite. I’ve been teaching for 7 years now near Paris and I’m very excited to start a new experience here in Louisiana.

Art, Music, & P.E.

Kelly Galjour

PE Teacher

I am born and raised in New Orleans, and couldn’t be happier to call it home. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Lycée family for the last 5 years. Both of my sons will continue at Lycée this year, entering the 1st and 3rd grades. My family & I enjoy traveling, spending time at the beach, and attending music festivals. I am so excited to be the new PE Teacher for the 6th & 7th graders.

Pascal Valcasara

Music Teacher 
My name is Pascal Valcasara. I am a professional musician. I have been living in the USA for 15 years now, in different states, but I consider New Orleans to be home. This town is providing me the amazing opportunity to fully live my passion that is music. My website is “Without music, life would be a mistake…” F. Nietzche.

Our highly qualified teachers, teaching assistants, interventionists and support staff are the heartbeat of our school. They’re also very interesting people! Our ELA teachers listed below serve both campuses.

Sean Leon

English Teacher
Bonjour! My name is Sean Leon and I am stoked to join the Lycée family. I am Ireland born, Louisiana raised, and NYC awakened. Earned both my B.A. in English Literature and my Masters of Mass Communication from LSU. Moved to NYC in 2002 as a NYC Teaching Fellow and earned a Masters of Education from CUNY. What was to be a two-year plan turned into a fifteen-year love affair. After teaching at a South Bronx middle school for four years, I spent my last eleven years teaching English, Existentialism, and Poetry at a rad Hell’s Kitchen high school. Alas, the end is built into the beginning. Over time, a dizzying homesickness and family duty called me home to Louisiana. So, here I am, excited to help my students “look around and consider the world, like Alice in Wonderland, through different eyes.” You can expect our class to be an English experience featuring a dynamic, inclusive, democratic, rigorous, inquiry-based learning environment that is humanized by design and humanizing in effect. Some loves: Reading Lolita in Tehran, Sam Cooke, conversation, Casablanca, basketball, Steppenwolf (the novel), awareness, Ireland, fountain pens, Mary Oliver, James Baldwin, Hermann Hesse, The Wonder Years, walking…just walking, Tool, Flightless Bird, American Mouth, writing, T.S. Eliot.

Chloe Brown

English Teacher
My name is Chloe Brown and I get the privilege of teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th grade ELA this school year. I am a New Orleans native, and my favorite food is Vietnamese Pho. This is my first year at Lycee Francais. Last year I worked at a different New Orleans Charter School. Before that I was teaching English in South Korea, where I learned to speak basic Korean Language. I am excited to teach at Lycee this year because of the diversity, and because of the unique climate of respect shared between students and teachers.

Jillian Poche

English Teacher
Hello! My name is Jillian Poche, and I am very excited to join the team at Lycée Francais as an ELA teacher! I was born and raised in New Orleans and received my B.A. in English Literature from Tulane University. Since graduating, I worked at an after-school program in Boston, earned my M.A.T. from UNO in education, and for the past three years have been teaching elementary special education in the New Orleans area. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy reading, listening to/playing music, cooking, and traveling!

Holly Kymes

English Teacher
My name is Holly Kymes. This will be my 14th year teaching. I have taught a variety of grade levels in Texas and Louisiana. I have an undergraduate degree from Centenary College where I played tennis, and I have a Masters of Education from Texas A & M- Commerce.  I have taught in private, public, and charter schools. This year I will teach ELA to kindergarten, first grade, and fifth grade students.  I am married with 2 daughters, Mallory and Matilda.

Yoon Lee

English Teacher
Hi! I am one of the English Language Arts teachers at this gem of a school, making this my fourth year. I’ve been teaching for 13 years and have taught every grade from kindergarten to 5th grade. My B.A. is in English Literature from Sarah Lawrence College while my elementary education certification is from Our Lady of Holy Cross College. When I’m not working, I like to cook, garden, travel, watch movies, read, do yoga, catch up with friends, and spend time with my husband, daughter, cat, dog, and frog.

Ciaj Strode

English Teacher
Hello everyone. I’m Ciaj, and I could not be happier to be a part of the LFNO team for the second year. The educators, staff, faculty, and students are a joy! They bring so much to my life. I have been speaking French for over 10 years and I am glad that I am able to work on it everyday. I have enjoyed my time working in multiple components of the school, and now I look forward to teaching English Language Arts to so many bright and smiling faces everyday. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, I came to New Orleans to pursue a career in education. I received my bachelor’s degree from Xavier University of Louisiana in Elementary Education in 2017, and currently completing a master’s in Educational Leadership from the same illustrious institution. I am your average city girl, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this city. I love food, entertainment, and fun– all of which New Orleans has to offer. Now, teaching elementary and middle school English, I can say that this career is as rewarding and fulfilling as I’d always imagined. I love to travel and I plan to utilize my passport more as the years go on. I’d also like to see how education systems compare across the globe. Teaching have always been my passion– I feel as though passing on my knowledge to future generations is my duty to give back to society. I plan on continuing my education advocacy through teaching and leadership because I believe that the future lies in the hands of my students!

Fidgi Simeon

English Teacher
Hello my name is Fidgi Simeon. I am thrilled and proud to work in New Orleans public schools. I believe that schools can provide children with developmental, growth and opportunities for success. I look forward to providing a quality French-immersion education for the students of Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans. I am excited to see the outcome of cultural exchanges between myself and students.

Jane Joyner

English Teacher
Hi. I’m Jane and I was born in Algiers. Not the country in Africa but the New Orleans neighborhood across the river. In my early school years I was taught by the Ursuline nuns here and then went on to Tulane University. I have taught English at French schools in New Orleans for quite a few years. Yes, you might call me a native “Where Y’at” but I have traveled most continents and my husband is a “foreigner” from Brooklyn.

Rachell Turner

English Teacher
Howdy and Bonjour! I am originally from Texas, but I have lived and taught in schools all over the map including in South Korea, China, Houston, France and New York City. My most recent position was at the French American School of Puget Sound in Seattle where I taught kindergarten and first grade for seven years. When I am not teaching I love live music, knitting, riding my bicycle and exploring my new town. I am very excited to be back in a public school and teaching at LFNO!

Catherine Golden

English Teacher
I  am thrilled to be welcomed into the Lycee family. I have lived in New Orleans for over a decade and have taught both Kindergarten and Spanish at schools here in Orleans Parish. Most of my experience in teaching has been in the primary grades, and I am fortunate to be able to continue the experience here at Lycee.  I am originally from Boston, MA, but ventured to New Orleans to share my knowledge and expertise in the field of education in 2007.  I love travel, spending time with my family, dance, parades, photography, and playing the ukulele.

Matthew Kennedy

ESL & ELA Teacher
I’m Mathew, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and lived there all my life until I moved down here! I’m a huge fan of NY sports teams, but I also love the Saints & Tigers. I love hiking, traveling, playing sports, and taking in good stories (oral tradition, books, movies, etc.). I chose LFNO because given my background teaching internationally and living in an international city, I wanted to go to a school that maintains an international population and philosophy of education. Geaux LFNO!

Our highly qualified teachers, teaching assistants, interventionists and support staff are the heartbeat of our school. They’re also very interesting people!

Bianca Joseph

Pre-K4 Teaching Assistant
Salut!  I’m Bianca. I was born an Apple (NY), Raised a Peach (ATL) and Adopted the Big Easy (NOLA) !  I enjoy being an educational assistant here at Lycée. I love to teach children, they are our future!  I love languages and education.  Lycée Francais is the perfect combination of all three !  “Belles esprits inspirent les autres” I have been teaching for over 5 years years outside of Lycée and have traveled to foreign countries for humanitarian work. I am multilingual.  I speak French, Haitain Creole, English and currently learning Spanish.  Outside of Lycée I spend my time reading and studying biblical history, cooking, cleaning, educating myself on new things and binge watching travel documentaries.  I love God, my family, music, travel, pilates and eating!  I am happy to be a part of the Lycée Family! Merci !

Carli Harvey

PreK-4 Teaching Assistant

Hi! I am from the Chicago suburbs and moved to New Orleans to study public health and French at Tulane University. During college, I worked as a TA in a 1st grade class at a KIPP school, volunteered as a Reading Buddy at another school, and worked Aftercare at Lycee. Upon graduating, I worked 2 years in France, in La Roche sur Yon and Avignon, as an English Teaching Assistant in 1st-5th grade classes. Now, instead of teaching English to French kids, I’m excited to be back in New Orleans teaching French to American kids!

Soledad Joseph

Pre-K4 Teaching Assistant
My name is Soledad Joseph. I am married and have 3 children. I am originally from Haiti and speak English, French, and Creole. I’ve been teaching at Lycée Français since 2013, but I’ve been working with children since 2000.

Moise “Kanou” Frisch

Pre-K4 Teaching Assistant
Hi my name is Kanou. I was born an raised in Haiti. I am a native speaker of French and Haitian Creole. I have a bachelors degree in international relations. I currently work at Lycee Français as a teacher’s assistant within their child specific program. Outside of work I enjoy reading, play soccer, play music and spend time with friends.
I am very thankful and excited to be a part of this team.

Rabiatou Iro Mayaki

Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Hello! My name is Rabiatou Iro Mayaki. I’m originally from Niger (West Africa) where my official language is french. I have been living in Louisiana since 2014, I am married and have 2 littles boys. I studied Socio Anthropology at the University of Mali (West Africa) and did many internships with children in varying difficulties. I have been substituting since last year at LFNO, where I meet wonderful people and most importantly the student body that the Lycee serves. I love cooking, traveling and listen to diverse sound of music.

Solange Jean-Pierre

Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
Salut ! My name is Solange. I am originally from Haiti, but I have been living in the US for 16 years now. In the fall of 2012, I had the opportunity to complete a semester abroad at Paris Diderot University in France. I hold a degree in French and Francophone Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In 2015 I moved to New Orleans and fell in love with the city. That same year I began working at this great school!

Julia Reagin

First Grade Teaching Assistant
I was born in Kentucky, and moved around from state to state throughout my childhood. I came to New Orleans on a Trailways bus in 1977, and here I still am. I have brought up my one son here, in Mid-City, where I still live. I have worked, sometimes as an assistant teacher, and at others as a teacher at Audubon, Isidore Newman, Langston Hughes and Ecole Bilingue, and at LFNO (my favorite) since its opening day, in various positions. I have a BA in French, earned late in life, as well as the DALF from the French Ministry of Education, and a certificate in Perfectionnement linguistique from the University of Mons Hainaut in Belgium. For many, many years I worked as a gardener, first for the City of New Orleans – a job I truly loved, and for which I earned a horticulture license from the La. Dept of Agric. -and then in private gardens all over town while bringing up my child as a single mother. For the past five and half years I have also been teaching ESL to Latin American immigrants and they have inspired me so deeply that I have begun to learn their beautiful language too!

Anais Nunez

Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
I was born and raised in New Orleans. I am part French as my mother is from Colmar, in the Northeastern French province of Alsace near Germany and Switzerland where I spent many summers growing up. As a former student at a local French immersion school, I have first hand experience in French immersion education. I am now a mother to two Lycée Français students and I spent last year substitute teaching at Lycee Francais. I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to work full time with our amazing students, teachers and staff.

Taylor Martin

Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
I was born and raised around Chicago. I moved to New Orleans for college where I studied French and Psychology and became a part of the Lycée community. I moved to Paris to teach English for two years. I’m excited to be back in New Orleans in a new role at this school.

Jana Blakes

Playground Coach

My name is Jana Blakes and I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. I am a professional dancer who dances salsa, cha cha cha, and bachata as well as ballet and jazz. New Orleans is my favorite city on the planet because of the culture, the food, the music, and people!!!

Our highly qualified teachers, teaching assistants, interventionists and support staff are the heartbeat of our school. They’re also very interesting people!

Interventionists/Special Educators

Will Arute

ESS Teacher 
After traveling extensively throughout the United States (Colorado, Portland, Boston) I finished a BA in Educational Philosophy and Business from the University of New Hampshire and began a graduate level internship at Boston University. I became fascinated with Educational Psychology, and varied and differentiated learning environments in New Hampshire and the Southwest, especially Second Language Acquisition. For me, life has come full circle, as my daughter is also in a French immersion school and now I can call my favorite city , New Orleans home. We love the French culture and people, and most especially the food.

Julia East

ESS Teacher 
Greetings! I was raised around the Mississippi Gulf Coast but learned the majority of my French while living overseas, in Germany and Japan. I have a degree from University of New Orleans in Interdisciplinary Studies in : French, German, and Photography. This is my fourth year with the Lycée family. My colleagues in the support staff realm really make me proud to work here. We are a very dedicated team focused on creating a rich learning environment that supports all student’s learning needs. I am helping this year with 2nd graders who need help in English , French, and Math. Please contact me if you ever need any guidance or resources to aid your children with their academic growth.

Mathieu Kulacs

ESS Teacher 
Salut, Hola, Hello, I am Mathieu, I am French, coming from Orleans and after more than 12 years living in Spain! I am am back in New Orleans where I am enjoying my life with my wife and my son. We came together in US to live this experience and we are at the Lycée, this is being a beautiful adventure! In my free time, I love to travel and meet new people, spend time with my wife and my son and practise sports, mainly soccer, running and calisthenics. My dream would be to work combining my 2 hobbies: sport and children and because we never know what the future holds for us. I hope this dream will come true some day. Meanwhile, I just want to give my best to teach the students and make them happy and be productive.

Chip Harmon

ESS Teacher 
I’m Chip. I was born and raised on the best bank, an enchanting pocket of New Orleans which is at times mistakenly named after its geographical location, the west bank (of the Mississippi). I earned my B.A. from LSU and thereafter moved to Nimes, France to teach English at the primary school level. My most recent professional endeavor is that of an arborist. Prior to that experience, I worked at Lfno from 2012-2015. I couldn’t be more excited to return to teaching at this wonderfully bilingual school while simultaneously earning my teaching certification through teachNOLA. It is very rewarding to work at a school which prioritizes serving a student population which reflects the fabric of our city, a city where high quality public education is critically important. I also coach soccer. My most beloved hobbies include but are not limited to all things nature, sporting, reading, food, music, gardening, kayak fishing (is it still called fishing if you don’t catch anything?), festing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and my dog.

Anne Lootens

ESS Teacher 
I grew up in Indianapolis and moved to New Orleans 10 years ago.  I studied French in undergrad at Tulane, had the opportunity to live in Paris for a year, and now I love speaking French every day! This is my fourth year at Lycee. I love working with children with diverse needs, and am passionate about teaching the whole child. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing piano, and traveling.

Danielle Pauli

ESS Teacher
Hello everyone! My name is Danielle and I’m a New Orleans native. I studied English writing and environmental studies at Loyola University New Orleans, where I also received my Master of Arts in Teaching degree and teaching certification. I love to travel and experience other cultures. In 2014, I moved to Thailand to teach in an English immersion program at an elementary school. Since returning to Louisiana, I have taught students in and around the New Orleans area. Outside of school, I spend time with my daughter, Ivy and dog, Merlin. I enjoy being in nature, going to local festivals, reading, cooking, and rollerblading. This is my first year at LFNO and I am very excited to join the team!

Ashley Davies

ESS Teacher
I was born and raised in Washington DC. I received both my bachelors and my masters degrees from American University. I have been teaching for 5 years and in that time I have taught both French and Spanish immersion. The most exciting place that I have had the opportunity to teach is in Haiti in the cities of Port-Au-Prince and Jacmel. I moved to New Orleans three months ago and I have fallen in love with the uniqueness of the city. I have specifically chose to teach at Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orléans because I am myself a former French immersion student. I know first hand how impactful a French education is. In my free time you can find me lounging on whatever beach is closest.

Rachel Barnett

ESS Teacher
I grew up in Ferguson, Missouri. I’ve worked with elementary children in Belize, India and here in the States. I believe education is freedom, and am proud to be with Lycée for another year.

Ariel Wallick

ESS Teacher
Hello! My name is Ariel Wallick and I grew up in the Carrollton neighborhood. Having attended a French immersion elementary program where I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia as a child, I understand the importance of exceptional student services for bilingual learners. I originally trained as a Montessori teacher and use a hands-on sensory-based learning approach with my students. One of my most memorable teaching experiences is of helping my first dyslexic student learn to read. Outside of school you can find me spending time with my family in nature, gardening in my backyard, or cooking for friends.

Flora Cabili

Special Educator
Hi, I’m Flora Cabili, a special education teacher at the elementary school. I am a native from Lyon, France where I spent my childhood before moving to California. Since 2015, I live and teach in New Orleans. I received a B.A. from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a Masters of Science in Education from John Hopkins University. I thrive on human connections and I find it fascinating how people interact and learn. I am a fierce believer that everyone deserves an education that accommodates their learning needs, so they can succeed!

Child Specifics

Shermetrius Mack-Gray

Child Specific Paraprofessional
My name is Shermetrius, but everyone calls me Mack. I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri also known as the “Show Me State.” I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans where I received my Bachelors in Political Science. I moved to NYC a year later where I received my Master in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management from LIM College. I started working with adults/children with autism about three years ago and fell in love with the job. I chose Lycée because I wanted to gain experience working alongside teachers to better support the children in that particular setting and as an added bonus learn a new language. Fun fact about me I am a soon to be new business owner opening my first women’s boutique in September and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Randall Spidell

Child Specific Paraprofessional
I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a fanatic for language and expression, writing in my free time, composing music and of course reading anything I can get my hands on in the French language. Curious almost to a fault, I have traveled extensively and have worked abroad in Europe and in Thailand, most recently as a language assistant in Sedan, France. New Orleans was my favorite city as a child and I was drawn to it for its liveliness long before my obsession with the French language and the cultures thereby accessed began. I am excited to be a part of LFNO and to here develop and train in the art of teaching, especially in language instruction.

Marissa Morrow

Child Specific Paraprofessional
Salut! I grew up near Detroit, Michigan and moved to New Orleans in 2013 to attend Tulane University. I completed my B.S. in Public Health and French this past spring, and I’ve decided to stay in New Orleans since it’s the best city ever. Although I’ve worked part-time at Lyçée for 2 years, this is my first year working full-time and I can’t wait to start this fall as a Classroom Assistant!

Susanna Kropff

Child Specific Paraprofessional
Hello.  My name is Susanna. I am honored to be joining Lycee Francais this year. It is a privilege to be a part of such a culturally diverse team of educators. I have worked in Special Education (Pre-K) for the past 14 years. This past year I worked as an ABA therapist in New Orleans. I love teaching Special Education students and am committed to fostering children’s curiosity and discovering their passion for learning.My interest outside school includes spending time with my family, creating art, live music, and exploring this beautiful city.

Melissa Scheib

Child Specific Paraprofessional
I was born in Lima, Peru but grew up in New Orleans. I love the city of New Orleans! There is always something to do and something to celebrate!  I love going to events in the city, traveling, going to the zoo, and playing kickball. I studied and graduated with my masters in Social Work at Tulane University and have always had a passion to help the community especially children. I look forward to using my Social Work skills at Lycee and picking up some french along the way.


Simone Feaster-Armour

Teacher of Gifted Services
I have a BA and an MA in French Area Studies from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I also hold teaching and administrative certificates in multiple US states, including Louisiana. I have lived in multiple regions in America, as well as Northern India. Born in the South, I am so pleased to have left the cold snows of New England for this magical city. I am thrilled to be part of the Lycée Français community. In my spare time, I love to do anything outdoors from gardening to scuba, and I enjoy a good adventure, big or small.

Sierra Orlowski

Teacher of Art and Gifted Classes

Bonjour! My name is Sierra and I hail from all over. My travels have taken me around the world, but New Orleans is home. Having lived in France, Brazil, and around the USA, I’ve had the honor of getting to know many places, cultures, and languages. I look forward to cultivating our own unique culture at Lycée Français, while exploring each student’s passions, creativity, and strengths. I graduated with honors from Tulane University with degrees in Art History, French, and Portuguese, and completed an extensive studio art courseload. In my free time, I enjoy sailing, sculpting, cooking, and walking my tiny dog, Gumbo. I look forward to getting to know all of you this school year in the art and gifted classrooms– Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Stacey Stanfill

Art & Talented in the Arts Teacher
I am originally from Memphis, TN but have lived in New Orleans longer than I ever lived anywhere. I have a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics and in 2007 I achieved National Board Certification for Teachers in Early Childhood/Young Adult Art. I spent the past 20 years teaching art to young people including 17 years with Jefferson Parish Public Schools in the Visual Art Talent Education Program.  The heart of my teaching practice is always to help my students achieve their creative ambitions. Like many other teachers at Lycee, traveling and learning about other cultures has also been a lifelong passion. I got this travel bug in 1994 while traveling in a VW Bus through Mexico and Central America. After that I went on to live on the Ecuadorean coast for a year where I taught English. For many years I have been involved with the Louisiana Himalaya Association and have been fortunate enough to travel to and volunteer in Asia a couple of times. I am proud to be at Lycee where there is so much cultural appreciation and awareness. My son attends Lycee and hopefully my daughter will too when she is in Kindergarten. I love being a mother and spending as much time as I can with my kids while they are young.

Related Service Providers

Caroline H. Johnson

I have a Masters in Communication Disorders from Louisiana State University-Health Sciences Center. I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and French at Tulane University, spending a year abroad at Université de la Sorbonne in Paris. After university, I worked as an assistant teacher for K-2nd grades in the French immersion program at Audubon Charter School. I earned a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) certificate from Loyola University and taught immigrants English through Catholic Charities. I then went to Samara, Russia to continue teaching English abroad. I love working with children and was delighted to return to Lycée Français after having spent Spring 2015 as a Speech-Language Pathology extern at the school.

Michael-Jean Zinni

After graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, I developed educational programs with a small NGO called Tutors for All. We provided one-to-one basic skills instruction in reading and math for over a dozen charter-public schools throughout the city. In 2012 I moved to New Orleans to pursue a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders to become a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). In addition to conducting research in language acquisition for children on the autism spectrum, I work as a part-time SLP at University Medical Center in acute and outpatient care, providing services for a broad range of patients, including stroke survivors, persons with traumatic brain injury, ALS, Parkinson’s, swallowing disorders, and more.

Lindsey Boettinger

Occupational Therapist

Bonjour! I am thrilled to join LFNO as the on-site occupational therapist. I am originally from Maryland, and I have lived in New Orleans since 2009. I taught English to children and adults while living in Cairo, Egypt, and my own exerience of immersive learning inspired me to join LFNO. In my previous career I cared for many persons from different immigration experiences in Cairo, Washington DC, and New Orleans. I like painting/creating, exploring, community building, and reading. I look forward to working with the LFNO team to assist your children on their journey to reaching their fullest potential!


Michelle Tate

School Counselor – Johnson Campus
I have been an educator working with students of all ages since 1997. I received my B.S in Secondary Education from Auburn University in 1997.  I moved to Memphis and obtained my M.S. in Instruction & Curriculum Leadership from the University of Memphis in 2000.  I lived and worked as a Memphis City School teacher for 10 years and in the process, obtained my Education Specialist degree in School Counseling.  I moved to New Orleans in 2008 and worked as a middle school counselor in St. Bernard Parish for eight years.  In the Fall of 2016, I joined the LFNO community.  I am so happy to be the Johnson Campus School Counselor!

Angel Werner

School Counselor & Registered Play Therapist – Patton Campus
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S),  Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and Registered Play Therapist. I obtained my Masters Degree in Education of Counseling from the University of New Orleans. I have extensive experience in the education system on all grade levels with a focus on early education. My philosophy on education is to meet a child where they are. Then, teach them the skills needed to move towards academic success. I am grateful that I get to be apart of your child’s life journey.

Laura Stryjewski

Academic Counselor at Johnson (Part Time)
I have a MA of Education from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  I have taught overseas as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon, Central Africa where I learned to speak french.  I also spent many years working in Fairfax County Public Schools as a School Counselor focusing primarily on middle and high school students.  Additionally, I am currently taking classes at Loyola University in order to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  I am excited about joining the Lycee team as the new part time Academic Counselor.

Andrée Ambler

School Social Worker
My name is Andrée.  I am half a century old this year. I have been a social worker since 1995.  I began my career within the school system in 2000, working predominantly as a school social worker in Orleans Parish.  I have been told that I am a great listener.  I am a mother of 2, and a wife of 1. I love animals and currently have 3 big mutts, 1 guinea pig, and a few mice that scurry around the house.  I enjoy a good paperback book, working in my backyard, a scary ghost story, the color green, and a spicy curry.  I mostly never say no to a walk outside whether it is around my neighborhood or at the park.  It never ceases to amaze me how a plant can work its way through a crack in the ground and against all odds, grow tall and beautiful. I feel that as a citizen of New Orleans, I too am a plant learning how to navigate in a sometimes hostile environment—hurricanes, taxes, high bills—yet still growing strong and persevering.  I count myself extremely fortunate to have been invited to join the Lycée Français family.  I look forward to growing even older with my new school family.

Support Staff

Ashley Aucoin

Coordinator of Athletics & Behavior Supervisor
I am a native of Folsom, Louisiana and have now made my way across the lake to New Orleans, where I now call home. Athletics have always been a huge part of my life. I played basketball from an early age all the way through college, where I was awarded a full athletic scholarship to Spring Hill College. I have over eight years experience coaching at various levels, including high school, junior high, elementary and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). I worked with PlayWorks for three years as a Program Coordinator. This is my fourth year at LFNO, and I am honored to be the Coordinator of Athletics this year.

Medical Staff

Ginger Easton

School Nurse

Hello! I’m excited to be joining the LFNO staff as part time school nurse this year! I also work part time at a pediatric clinic. Both are a welcome change after nearly 10 years as a NICU nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am originally from southern Illinois, or as my husband calls it, “the Kentucky part of Illinois”. After my bachelors degree in psychology, I worked as a teacher in a prison for 6 years. Looking for a career change, I moved to Baltimore to attend nursing school. In early 2016, our family relocated to New Orleans for my husband’s work. Our two sons are Lycée students, and we plan for their baby sister to join them there in a few years. I’ve come to love our new city – thanks in large part to the Lycée community. When I’m not busy working as a nurse and hanging out with other people’s kiddos, I enjoy spending time with my own family. I also enjoy reading, bike riding, barre class and the occasional Netflix binge.

Keli Coleman

School Nurse
I grew up in New Orleans and graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Health Promotion. I later attended nursing school in San Francisco where I lived for 13 years. I became a Registered Nurse in 2002 with my first job in Labor and Delivery. After having my own children, I moved to France for two and a half years, returning to New Orleans in August 2008 whereby I fell in love with this incredible city again. I love being a nurse and helping others and I love children, so naturally I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join such an outstanding team of colleagues at the most dynamic school in the city. In my personal time I love to travel, exercise, spend time with my kids, my favorite holiday is Halloween, and I love all animals.

Pam LeBlanc

School Nurse
Hi. I’m Nurse Pam. You can find me at Patton Campus.

Ibrahima-Julien Diaban

Thinking Outside the Classroom Zoo Liaison
Hey y’all!!  You cannot imagine how happy and proud I am to work at Lycée for the 5th year. I remember when I graduated as a nurse in Laval – my lovely hometown in France – and when I earned a French as Foreign Language Diploma, I couldn’t imagine that I’d live this dream: to work with wonderful students in a zoo, to teach them ”football” (soccer in America), to enjoy the unique ambiance of this city, and to even live in a little house at the zoo swamp – or so the children believe.

Ann Woodruff

Thinking Outside the Classroom French Quarter Liaison
I am excited to join the staff of Lycee full-time after two years of working solely on the French Quarter TOC program. Originally a New Yorker, I have lived in New Orleans for almost 20 years and consider myself semi-native. I earned a MA degree in Historic Preservation from Tulane University and have worked at the Louisiana State Museum, as well as in other history and old-house-related capacities.  I am also a Lycee parent and will have the interesting experience this year of working with my own child in the 4th grade French Quarter program. I’m sure to embarrass him as his French is already better than mine!

UPDATED: March 3, 2020