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Eligibility & Priority

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans accepts applications from students across Louisiana. We offer free French immersion education for kindergarten and up, along with tuition-free and tuition-based options for Pre-K4. Applicants to Pre-K4 and kindergarten are not required to have a French language background. Age-appropriate knowledge of the French language is required for applicants to first grade and up.

As a Type II Charter School, we have a legal obligation to give 1st priority to applicants who qualify as Economically Disadvantaged to have our student population reflect that of the local community.

Tuition-free Pre-K4 (Cecil J. Picard LA4 Early Childhood Program)
Eligibility: Louisiana Residents who meet income requirements and/or have a current IEP and who turn 4
on or before September 30 of the year school begins.

  1. Applicants with an IEP
  2. Siblings of continuing students
  3. All other applicants

Tuition-based Pre-K4
Eligibility: Orleans Parish residents who will turn 4 years old by September 30 of the school year begins.
2020-2021 annual tuition is $4,975.00.


  1. Siblings of continuing students, children of current staff school staff
  2. All other applicants

Tuition-based Pre-K4 students must reapply through the One APP for enrollment into Kindergarten

Eligibility: Louisiana Residents. Returning tuition-free Pre-K4 students are granted automatic entry to Kindergarten.

  1. Applicants who qualify as Economically Disadvantaged (up to 67% of available seats)
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. All other applicants

Grades 1-10
Eligibility: Louisiana residents who pass an assessment of French language proficiency.
Please see review document for details on testing-in eligibility | DOWNLOAD

  1. Applicants who qualify as Economically Disadvantaged (up to 67% of available seats)
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. All other applicants

Economically-Disadvantaged status must be verified to be included in the appropriate lottery tier.

  • If application is for Pre-K4 (both tuition and free): get verified at Family Resource Center
  • If application is for Kindergarten: documentation should be submitted to the Admissions Department
    • You will receive an email from EnrollNOLA reminding you about the possibility of qualifying for the “Economically Disadvantaged” priority in the lottery (please see screenshot below).

    • If you believe that you qualify for this priority, you can submit documentation directly to the school (scan, email, in sealed envelope at front office).
    • If you do not submit any documents and you do qualify, you will not receive the priority but you will still be considered.
    • If you don’t qualify, your application will still be considered.

Please click here to view acceptable forms of income eligibility.

Main Round Demand Resource
EnrollNOLA has shared the attached Main Round Demand Resource from the 2018-2019 school year. This resource provides valuable information to families and schools regarding past availability vs. demand for their desired schools / grades citywide. This resource will soon be available soon in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, on

Updated December 20, 2020