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Thinking Outside the Classroom

Thinking Outside the Classroom at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans is an educational program like no other.

Thinking Outside the Classroom (TOC) is a creative way to educate students through experiential, hands-on learning throughout New Orleans. The program is designed to inspire a passion for learning through practical application, interactive projects and capstone presentations. Students spend between one and four weeks in a TOC module, which can be four week-long, site-based modules or one-day field trips part of a larger project.


Audubon Zoo Science Laboratory

Thanks to an exciting partnership with the Audubon Nature Institute, our first and third graders participate in month-long programs in the Lycée’s very own zoo classroom. Science learning comes to life through interactive activities with animal and plant life. Parents receive a daily newsletter with information on concepts learned and activities performed so they can be reinforced at home. Click below for examples:

Take a walk on the wild side.

‘Newsletter du Zoo’ Entry.

Ogden Studio Classroom

Our second graders now have the opportunity to learn about art in the best way possible with the museum as their classroom!

Enter the gallery.

French Quarter Time Travel

Lycée Français fourth graders engage in a special project within the French Quarter where they are immersed in the culture and history of France’s 18th Century North American colony. We could not do it without the unwavering support of the New Orleans Jazz Museum and the National Park Service, our history partners.

Step into the time machine..

Tiny House
7th grade TOC

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

Lycée Français fifth graders engage in an exciting and enriching educational experience at the Audubon Aquarium, arguably one of the best places to learn in New Orleans. In years past, students have gone swimming with amazing sea life!

Dive in.

Critical Constructs (The Tiny House Project)

Sixth graders engage with the world through architecture, urban development and conscious citizenship. Critical Constructs began thanks to a partnership with FabLab NOLA at Delgado Community College. Some of the activities are now performed in-house after purchasing laser cutters and 3D printers.

What are they building in there?

EngageLycée – Glad to Be of Service
Seventh graders will continue to learn and explore with the support of our historical partner, the Audubon institute. Thanks to visits at the Audubon Nature Center, and lessons on our local environment, students will learn about pollination and the importance of a balanced ecosystem. They will participate in service learning activities geared at identifying native plants, such as the bald cypress, and extirpate invasive species, such as the Chinese tallow. 


Bioclimatic Greenhouse

The 8th grade class engages with STEM focusing on a bioclimatic garden project. Bioclimatic architecture consists of knowing how to make the most of the conditions of a site and its environment (climate geography and morphology). The main objective of the bioclimatic greenhouse is to be able to plant and harvest earlier without using any external energy source. The greenhouse can also produce leafy vegetables and aromatic plants in winter, without forgetting to keep your plants / flowers free from frost. An introduction of the concept of Food Deserts is also part of this learning adventure. Just like for the Tiny House project, some of the activities are performed in-house. 

How does it work in winter?