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Exceptional Student Services

In public and charter schools, student rights to accommodations and services are protected by the Disability Act of 1973 (section 504) and the Office of Civil Rights. At LFNO, we strive to meet the needs of diverse learners by supporting and empowering all students to work toward rigorous and meaningful goals to ensure equitable access in a French immersion setting.

Range of Services

Special Education

Special education is instruction, at no cost to parents, that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability and can include a variety of related services in and out of the classroom (Bulletin 1508).  Education is individually developed to address a child’s specific needs that result from his or her exceptionality. Special Education falls under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law that makes available a free appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities throughout the nation and ensures special education and related services to those children. To learn more about IDEA, please click here.


Response to Intervention

Students move through "tiers" based on data collected during interventions and the collaboration of the SAT/SBLC. Interventions conducted at each level should be monitored with fidelity for a period of 6-9 weeks before any decisions to continue, discontinue, adjust, or increase RTI plans are made by the team.

LFNO Response to Intervention Handbook | DOWNLOAD
Intervention Referral Flow Chart | DOWNLOAD

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