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High School

Welcome to the first year of Lycée Français’ High School experience. We are proud and excited to open the doors, for the first time, to our 9th grade class, a pioneer class like no other. The high school experience at Lycée is rigorous and very different from any other offerings in the New Orleans or Louisiana secondary education landscape. Students have the opportunity to pursue the Louisiana high school diploma as well as the French-American Baccalauréat.

Louisiana Diploma

Students will focus on building on the knowledge and skills gained during their previous school years as well as specializing in specific areas of studies. Students will take core academic classes towards their diploma and TOPS University Pathway.

Course choice and diploma pathways are very important for a student’s high school success and decisions are made with the assistance of an academic counselor, who will work with students on building a graduation plan. Decisions on diploma pathway also depends on a student’s interest, capability and ambition.

The Lycée unique program provides students with all the needed tools to be prepared for a successful college experience. The strengthening of students’ intellectual potential through educational frameworks designed to develop 21st century skills, will adequately prepare students for college and work. Students will be engaged in dialectic exercises, think analytically and critically among different branches of knowledge, craft an argument, delve into abstraction, and produce quality work in a stimulating intellectual environment where language, sciences, the humanities and the arts blend and are the cornerstone of their educational experience. Key for the attainment of these skills is the partnership among students, teachers, parents and all stakeholders. We welcome and encourage these essential dialogues.

Furthermore, bilingualism, biliteracy, multiculturalism, the embrace and celebration of our diversity, the importance of equity and inclusion, and the testament of their transformative power, are all Lycée’s extraordinary assets that students can build upon to find their rightful place in our society and contribute with strong citizenry.  

Student Life:

Student Council is being offered as in the Middle School years.
Club activities such as National Honor Society, French Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society are being developed.
Exchange experiences with other schools are also being developed.
Foreign trip is being organized


French High School Exams Presentation | DOWNLOAD


Staff Resources:

Chana Benenson, Principal

Diane Duhesme, Director of the High School

Sophie Capmartin, Director of Academics

Annie Neahring, Humanities Coordinator

Samantha Kreuscher, STEM Coordinator

Laura Stryjewski, Academic Counselor

Vincent Wiemann, ESS Coordinator


Other Resources:

Suicide Prevention: (800) 273-8255 OR text “HOME” to 741741
Bullying or Cyberbullying: (504) 620-5500 ext 1745
Child Protection: (855) 452-5437