Italian Flagwavers

Lycée had the unique honor of welcoming Sbandieratori Sansepolcro, the Flagwavers of Sansepolcro, Italy. They regaled students at Patton Campus with amazing feats of coordination and impressed us with their depth perception. Let’s just say.. some staff here at Lycée can’t throw a ball two feet in the air and count on catching it.

According to the Sbandieratori Sansepolcro, the history of flagwavers dates back to the Middle Ages:

Europe in the late Middle Ages was often afflicted by wars and the standard-bearing officers were those that led the troops into battle. These standards, armed with blades, gradually become real weapons.

In periods of peace, the standard-bearers would meet in order to develop and improve their techniques, and over time, greater emphasis was given to perfecting the routines and the spectacle.

What a special presentation it was for everyone present!