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La Liaison PTO

La Liaison is an organization dedicated to supporting the Lycée Français community. Functioning as an independent entity, La Liaison has its own budget and officers who work directly with Lycée Français administration. La Liaison’s by-laws may be viewed here. For more information, please contact

2019-2020 La Liaison Board of Directors

Kristy Saunders, President

Jill Holland, Vice President

Lisa Soto, Treasurer

Amy George, Secretary

Jennifer Vititoe, General Director

Joanna Maynard, General Director 

Joshua Dupuis, General Director 

Cyd Michelle, General Director

Carrie McKay, General Director

Latrice Dixon, General Director 

Brittany Willard, General Director

Cassandra Loomis-St. Louis, General Director

Jimmy Bienvenu, General Director

Sonia Romero, General Director

Nina Hansen Quinn, General Director

Bernard Bruhnkhe, English Teacher Representative

TBA, French Teacher Representative


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La Liaison Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is proud to present its new leadership team for the 2018–2019 school year.

Kristy Saunders

Jill Holland
Vice President

Lisa Soto

Amy George

General Directors

Sonia Alvarez
General Director

Brittany Willard
General Director

Joshua Dupus
General Director

Cyd Michelle
General Director

Carrie McKay
General Director

Latrice Dixon
General Director

Jennifer Vititoe
General Director

Joanna Maynard
General Director

Cassandra Loomis-St. Louis
General Director

Jimmy Bienvenu
General Director

Nina Hansen Quinn
General Director

Bernard Bruhnke
English Teacher Representative

French Teacher Representative 

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Updated June 11, 2018.