Mardi Gras Safety Tips

Children want to see the parades at Mardi Gras and catch throws. But, although the crowds along St. Charles Avenue are family-friendly they can be heavy. You don’t want your kids running around trying to catch throws and getting lost or stepped on by others vying for the beads and such.

New Orleanians have Mardi Gras ladders specially designed for safety. They are made by bolting a Mardi Gras seat on top of a 6-foot ladder. Here the little ones can watch the parade safely. They not only see better, they stay put.

By law, these ladders must be placed as far back from the street as they are tall and to keep them steady always have an adult standing on the back.You can make your own or buy a seat at any hardware store in the New Orleans area.

General Safety Tips

  • Always tell your children to find a police officer if they are lost. If they can’t find an officer, go to a woman with small children. They are much more likely to be safe with a Mom.
  • Write your cell phone number on your child’s arm with a marker. Better to have the problem of getting her arm clean than the alternative.
  • Write your phone number, the child’s name and any other pertinent info on a piece of paper and put it in your child’s pocket.
  • Take your child’s picture with your cell phone before you head out for the day. If the worse happens you can show police exactly what she/he looks like and what your child is wearing.