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Middle School

The Middle School in the Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans consists of sixth, seventh and eighth grade, following the Louisiana State guidelines, however, both the Louisiana curriculum standards and the French curriculum standards are followed and respected thanks to the alignment of the two programs and the building of an effective class schedule. Middle school in France comprises seventh, eighth and ninth grade (see “The Cycle System” explanation section to learn more about grades in the French model).

Middle school is an important étape, or stage, in a student’s school career. It bridges the fundamental learning acquired in the elementary years and prepares students for the rigorous studies of the high school, by emphasizing important college and career readiness skills such as problem solving, critical and analytical skills – often conducted via teamwork activities, debates, or Socratic seminars – writing skills – both in the French and English language following a common model – collaborative and individual endeavors, projects, and research, STEM and the use of computer applications – such as 3D design and more – and life skills. 

A Middle School student typically follow core courses in English, French, Math, Louisiana program Social Studies, French program Histoire-Géo, Science and Technology, Art, Music and Physical education. A third foreign language, Spanish, is introduced in the sixth grade.

Students are offered classes and workshops in Bullying and Suicide Prevention and, beginning in seventh grade, in Human Growth and Development. Gifted and Talented programs are also an integral part of the Middle School experience for students who qualify. High School credit in English 1, Algebra 1, Spanish and French are also offered for a great jump start into the best high school experience.

Thinking Outside the Classroom (TOC)

The Thinking Outside the Classroom learning modules continue in the Middle School years, however, due to the constraints of a rigorous schedule, activities are conducted both in house and outside, always in collaboration with our partners. These cross-curricular and multi-disciplinary learning opportunities add great value to our students’ overall educational experience, and give them a glimpse of future career opportunities.

Accompagnement Personnalisé (Advisory)

The Accompagnement Personnalisé, or Advisory, is another important component of Middle School life. During advisory time, students develop, or continue to develop, positive social skills and communication skills. Advisors assist students in developing competencies such as listening attentively, speaking effectively, and displaying cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. Middle school students are in a period of significant developmental changes. They seek connections with their peers, and they are in need of learning to navigate a new academic experience with increased autonomy. The purpose of the Advisory is to build student-to-student affiliation with the assistance of the Advisory teacher who assists in fostering significance, belonging, and community with the ultimate goal for students to achieve of their personal and academic goals.

Some of the important functions performed during the Accompagnement Personnalisé time are:

  • Allowing students time to ask question regarding homework so they can get clarification and a head-start
  • Allowing students to seek support from peers or teachers in matters of academics
  • Create a sense of community and a dependable system of support for students who know where, when and to whom to turn to in case they need support
  • Create a link between student, advisor and parents to fulfill students needs
  • Navigating through common Middle School issues (friendships, changes, etc.)


An important element of a strong Middle School program is the opportunity to develop leadership skills that are pivotal for a student’s future. The Student Council provides meaningful ways for students to carry out greater responsibilities, to voice their opinions, being involved in school activities, contribute to school spirit and school welfare with new ideas, as well as understanding the meaning and importance of giving back thanks to service projects.  


 The ultimate goal of the Middle School years at Lycée are to prepare them academically, socially and emotionally, for the challenges of the next step in their life as a student, the lycée, or high school.


Athletic opportunities are available throughout the year. See athletics section of the website (coming soon).


The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character and citizenship in students of LFNO. Want to learn more? Read our bylaws | DOWNLOAD


Gina Bianchi, Principal 

Yann Colin, Director of the Middle School

Sophie Capmartin, Director of Academics

Mario Myles, Director of Exceptional Student Services

Annie Neahring, Humanities Coordinator

Samantha Kreuscher, STEM Coordinator

Bernard (Ben) Bruhnke, Dean of Student Culture

Shea Riley, ESS Coordinator



Suicide Prevention: (800) 273-8255 OR text “HOME” to 741741

Bullying or Cyberbullying: (504) 304-5782

Child Protection: (855) 452-5437