Bonjour, Lycée Family!
The La Liaison team has been working with our administration on Teacher & Staff Appreciation. If there is anything that homeschooling has showed us (in case we didn’t know it already), it is that our teachers, school leaders, faculty and staff are HEROES. We are excited to announce the plan to celebrate our incredible school team and know you are too!
The “usual” Appreciation Week looks different in these unusual times. Be sure and read through each of the carefully thought out ways families can participate to show our love and support for each member of our LFNO team and family. With each activity and chance to participate, we ask that social distancing and guidelines for public gathering be respected. There are many members of our school community with pre-existing conditions who are most vulnerable. Please keep everyone safe.
In addition to the Appreciation we show our school, La Liaison is grateful to each homeschooling parent, grandparent, guardian, and friend who are making it possible for our children to continue their education during isolation. Merci beaucoup!

Sunday, May 24th: Murales à la Craie

Bring on the Sidewalk Chalk! We have all seen the beautiful artwork being created in our city and across the nation (and on Pinterest) – this is our opportunity to create works of chalk art for LFNO! On the designated areas listed below, families are invited to create art or write words of thanks on the sidewalk and parking areas with sidewalk chalk. This creative endeavor will allow us to publicly express our love and gratitude to our school and its community of people. An announcement will be made to the LFNO community so that the artwork and words of thanks may be viewed via drive-by, on foot or bike. And of course, please take pictures to share!

  • Patton Campus: Patton Street – sidewalk and parking areas from the sidewalk abutting the playground wall to the carpool gates
  • Johnson Campus: Monroe and Hickory Street sidewalks by the Johnson building and garden

Note about Designated Areas: These areas are publicly accessible and have been designated with the understanding that we will be respectful of LFNO’s neighbors and our school buildings. Artwork and words of thanks should stay on the ground (not the buildings) and within the set areas. We are grateful for this opportunity to show our school spirit to our educators as well as New Orleans and wish to be able to do so again in the future.

Monday, May 25th: Boîte aux Lettres (de Carpool), 10:00am – 12:00pm

Carpool Mailbox! As we head into summer, let’s show our appreciation by filling up teachers, faculty and staff “mailboxes” with thanks and encouragement. Your thoughtful words and those of your child are so important in lifting up our educators. Whether expressed in a letter or note, drawing or photograph, the greatest gift we can give each other is care and kindness.

From 10:00am – 12:00pm on Monday, May 25th, the carpool lanes at Patton and Johnson will be open for families to drop of Letters, Drawings and Pictures into designated “Mailboxes.” A few PTO Members will be on site for the collection and will bundle items to distribute (adhering to social distancing guidelines, of course).

Note about Carpool Mailbox: Because buildings are closed, we cannot guarantee letters sent via USPS will reach us for distribution. If you are unable to bring your letters, etc., during this time, please reach out to other members of our community who may be able to bring them for you or respond to the La Liaison FB thread for guidance. Additionally, please see below for information regarding gifts.

Friday, May 8th – Wednesday, May 20th: Cadeaux (Gifts)

PTO PayPal:

The families of LFNO have always been generous in their gifts during Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week. After much discussion with administration about how best to help families with gifting to their teachers and other LFNO team members, the PTO has elected to collect monetary donations for gift cards via the PTO PayPal account. Donations will be collected from Friday, May 8th through Wednesday, May 20th. Contributions will be used for gift cards that will be given to all teachers, faculty and staff in expression of Appreciation for everything they do.

These gift cards will be given from all LFNO families – gifts of any amount are optional and will be given from our community as a whole. If you are unable to access PayPal, please reach out to PTO Vice-President, Jill Holland and cc Treasurer Lisa Soto

La Liaison understands that this is a very different approach than what has been done in the past. The spread of COVID-19 was considered in making this decision regarding gifts. Additionally, much discussion was given to the logistics of distributing items of bulk, delicacy or which are perishable as we social distance and as many teachers and staff return to their home countries. Thank you for helping to make this time of Appreciation safe and possible for all.

Our PTO looks forward to returning next year with new ideas for how we can express our gratitude.

Digital Photograph Collection, VIDEO: Due Date – Friday, May 15th

The PTO needs your help. We are working on something to help express our thanks and gratitude to our teachers. We are looking for PICTURES ONLY of your students in their new learning environments. A couple of requirements and ideas:

  • Pictures should be horizontal/landscape (not vertical)
  • Pictures: Students can do an activity assigned by the teacher (baking, art project, exercise, school work on the computer), hold up hand drawn sign, saying: thank you, we miss you, you rock, etc
  • Label files with your students grade and teacher in the file title
  • Upload to the following folder by end of day Friday, May 15th:

We will use as many pictures as we possible but cannot promise everything submitted will be included.

By uploading a file, you are giving consent for the picture/video to be used and shared on the school’s public-facing social media platforms. I will not be able to confirm that everyone has a photo release approval on file with the school, so I am taking it at face value that by providing a picture you are giving permission for its use.

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