Newsletter du Zoo: Mardi 24, Avril 2018

Bonjour chers parents,

Today was amazing!!! Students had two zoo classes with Madame Monica !! 

In the morning, it was animal time in the classroom!!! It’s an opportunity for our students to pet animals, to see them closer, to hear them, and even to smell them sometimes. All the senses help them learn and memorize. 

Monica brought two animals: 

     – Bess the corn snake.  This species lives in Louisiana. Snakes are carnivorous. They love to stay around the farmer’s corn, because it’s where mice and rats will come! They use their tongue to smell. 

     – Chewy the guinea pig. This mammal is a herbivore. Green bell pepper, parsley and basil is part of its favorite food. 

Monica also brought a wing from a hawk.

With a food chain, it’s easier to realize that animals and plants are connected to each other. If one link disappears, it does affect other living things. In a ecosystem, we need all kinds of plants and animals, even the small tiny ones that look insignificant. 

Today, we would like to pay tribute to the sun. The sun is the reason food chains exist. Without the sun, there would be be no plants, and without plants there would be neither animals nor Humans.   

-Ibrahima Diaban (Audubon Zoo Liaison)