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Families must apply to Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans through OneApp. Applications are accepted in “rounds,” the dates for which are listed towards the bottom of this page. Applications are only valid for the following school year, meaning the child must be four years old of age by September 30th of the upcoming school year to be eligible to submit an application. There are no waiting lists prior to entry to Pre-K4. Please pay close attention to deadlines.

Important Notes:

  • Current Tuition Pre-K4 families at Lycée must apply to Kindergarten. Tuition Pre-K4 students are not automatically promoted to Kindergarten.
  • Students already enrolled at Lycée in Kindergarten and beyond do not need to apply to their next grade level. Current students are automatically promoted to the next grade level except in cases of retention.

Families are asked to list their school choices by rank on their applications, with the #1 choice listed first. Each participating school has a code that is normally composed of three digits, which families may use to apply. Lycée’s code is 711 for all grades except tuition-based Pre-K4. The tuition-based Pre-K4 code is 722.

Please note: Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans serves all of Louisiana. Families living outside of Orleans Parish are welcome to apply.

OneApp is the citywide lottery for the majority of charter schools in New Orleans. To learn more about OneApp, visit or watch the video on the right.


EnrollNOLA Annual Report available HERE published in November 2017


Translated School and Early Childhood Performance Score Videos Available

The Department released new school and early childhood performance videos in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic to help families breakdown the state’s K-12 and early childhood accountability systems in order to better understand how schools and centers are rated.

K-12 School Performance Scores
Early Childhood Performance Profiles

Updated: 1/19/18

Applications to Pre-K4 
Tuition-free Pre-K4 (Cecil J. Picard LA4 Early Childhood Program): Code 711
Tuition-based Pre-K4: Code 722

Click here to learn if you should apply to tuition-free, tuition-based, or both.


  • Prior knowledge of the French language is not required for entry to Pre-K4.
  • Families in tuition-based Pre-K4 must apply to kindergarten for the following school year. Tuition-based pre-k4 students are not automatically promoted to kindergarten.

Applications to Kindergarten 
Code 711

All applications for the 2019-2020 school year can be submitted online. The online application is available here.

Prior knowledge of the French language is not required for entry to Kindergarten.

Note: Students already enrolled at Lycée in kindergarten and beyond do not need to apply to their next grade level. Current students are automatically promoted to the next grade level except in cases of retention.

Applications to First through Ninth Grade
Code 711

All applications for the 2019-2020 school year can be submitted online. The online application is available here.

To be considered, all applicants to first grade and above at Lycée Français must successfully complete a French language proficiency exam.

Note: Students already enrolled at Lycée in kindergarten and beyond do not need to apply to their next grade level. Current students are automatically promoted to the next grade level except in cases of retention.


Updated on: 9/04/2018

Watch this video to see how the OneApp works!
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EnrollNOLA School Guides:



¿Cómo enviar un OneAPP? Folleto Informativo en español

Documentos requeridos para verificación en español

¿Es la primera vez que tienen que llenar un OneApp? ¿Cómo se hace? Mire este video hecho por nuestros hermanos de Our Voice Nuestra Voz NOLA.

La misión de OVNV es asegurarse que todos los estudiantes latinos en Nueva Orleans tengan acceso a una educación equitativa (igual), así como a la creación de la fortaleza en la voz de los padres para apoyar a los niños en su éxito escolar. Su visión es la equidad educacional para todos los estudiantes en el área de Nueva Orleans, y así reforzar el esfuerzo de Nueva Orleans para convertirse en un modelo de igualdad equitativa.


Main Round for the 2019-20 School Year

Main Round Launch: Week of Nov 1 2018
Early Deadline: Week of Jan 10 2019
Main Round Closes: February 22, 2019
Notification Results: Second week of April 2019

Please note that due to the annual calendar this year, the Main Round will launch on the first Monday of November, 2018. Applicants to schools participating in the Early Window deadline will have a deadline in January 2019. As a reminder, OneApp is now an online only application. Families will only be able to submit an application at

*AVISO IMPORTANTE: ¡la aplicación del OneApp esta disponible en línea y en español! Si requiere ayuda para crear una cuenta, ingresar en su cuenta, o para llenar la aplicación, elija la opción de llenarlo en español, o contáctenos para pedir asistencia. 



Updated on September 4, 2018

  • Start of Round 2: third week of April, 2019 (K-12)
  • End of Round 2: end of May 2019 (K-12)
  • Early Window Deadline for applications to grades 1 and up: second week of May, 2019
  • Results of Round 2: matches announced en of June 2019 (K-12)

PreK4: open enrollment

What is Open Enrollment?

If a family misses the OneApp main round but is still seeking an early childhood placement for the upcoming school year, they can enroll into open seats or be added to waitlists during Open Enrollment, which is a first come first served process. It begins on end of April and ends last week of June. K-12 families may apply in OneApp Round 2.

Between end of June and mid July, no early childhood placements or waitlist offers will be made.

Applications to Kindergarten and up are all done online via the OneApp at

Applications to grades 1 and up REQUIRE contact to schedule a French Proficiency Exam.


  • Some schools are projected to be full in Round 2, and there are some schools that will only participate in certain grades due to capacity. Therefore families are strongly encouraged to refer to the Round 2 seat availability report before submitting their application (more details below).
  • Families who apply in Round 2 and do not receive an assignment will default to your Main Round placement, but if a family applies in Round 2 and receives a new assignment, you will lose any existing placement.
  • It is very important that families only apply to schools they prefer MORE than their Main Round assignment, otherwise you risk losing their seat.
  • It is very possible that a family who applies only to schools projected to be full in Round 2 will remain unassigned or default back to your Main Round assignment.
  • Round 2 seat availability guide: this is also available at Families should consider this when submitting their Round 2 application, particularly families who still do not have a school assignment for next year and need one. We recommend that families that need a seat for next year list between eight and twelve choices, and include several choices that did not fill in the Main Round. This will increase their chances of receiving a Round 2 assignment. If a family has questions about seat availability, please have them contact oneapp@enrollnola.orgThere is no guarantee that a family will receive a seat at a school with projected availability.
  • The deadline to register to their assigned school will be announced early on.


Updated: 9/4/2018

2019-2020 school year: July 2019 – Oct 1, 2019


What is Late Enrollment?

With the close of the OneApp application cycles, families who still need to enroll in school for K-12 for the upcoming year may do so during Late Enrollment. Late Enrollment is a first-come, first-served enrollment process based on remaining seat availability. . Families needing an early childhood seat for next school year should bring their eligibility documents to a Family Resource Center to claim a seat.

Late Enrollment typically begins in July and will last through October 1.

Where is Late Enrollment?

In the month of July, EnrollNOLA be partnering with Dillard University to provide a comfortable start for the busy Late Enrollment season. They will be serving families from the University’s Professional Schools and Sciences Building:

Dillard University: Professional Schools and Sciences Building

2601 Gentilly Blvd., 70112

  • Free parking will be available, and the campus is easily accessible by bus. After the week at Dillard, EnrollNOLA will return to standard FRC locations and operating hours.
  • Schools may not recruit on campus.
  • A daily Seat Availability Report will be posted on at the beginning of July for K-12 availability, so families may see which schools have open seats in their child’s grade. Early Childhood availability is posted now and updated on Mondays and Thursdays and can be found here: How to Enroll and Submit an Application for Next Year.


While families may inquire about enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year at Family Resource Centers, enrollment processes will not resume until July 10. Remaining seat availability will be determined after Round 2 results are finalized at the end of June.

Updated on 9/04/2018

OneApp guidelines on how to check your placements through the Parent Portal.


Updated on 4/11/18


If you submit an application during the Main Round, your placement results will be available on around mid April of the following year. Additionally, families who submitted an application with an email address listed will receive their results at the email address they provided. Finally, all families will receive a notification letter at the address they provided on their application. If your contact information has changed since submitting an application, please contact the OneApp at

  1. Go to and click on “Apply Now” in the left-land menu
  2. Click the “Apply Now” button on the page
  3. Log into your account
  4. Click on the “5 School Placement” tab in the top menu
  5. Review the table under the School Year Placement to see your child’s assignment for next year

OneApp will deliver results as expeditiously as possible after the match is declared final. If you do not receive your placement results, or need help, please visit a Family Resource Center, or contact OneApp at or (877) 343-4773.

Once you have received your placement results, you must accept your seat by mid May. Below are the list of documents you need to bring to your assigned school:

  • Seat Acceptance Form
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s immunization records
  • Parent identification
  • Proof of residency (utility bill, rental lease agreement / mortgage, property tax notice, etc.)
  • IEP / 504 plan (if applicable)
  • Students ages infant to 4 years old only: Proof of income (LA Purchase Card Budget Sheet / Benefits Statement, last four consecutive paychecks, letter from employer stating wage and average weekly hours worked) AND 2 proofs of residency

Failure to accept your seat may result in the loss of your seat assignment.

If you misplaced or did not receive a copy of your seat acceptance form, please visit your assigned school or a Family Resource Center.

Updated September 5, 2017.