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OneApp: how it works

Families must apply to Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans through OneApp.

  • Applications are accepted in “rounds,” meaning applications cannot be submitted before or after the start and end dates.
  • Applications are only valid for the following school year, meaning the child must be four years old of age by September 30th of the upcoming school year to be eligible to submit an application.
  • There are no waiting lists prior to entry to Pre-K4. Please pay close attention to deadlines.
  • Families are asked to list their school choices by rank on their applications, with the #1 choice listed first. Each participating school has a code that is normally composed of three digits, which families may use to apply. Lycée’s code is 711 for all grades except tuition-based Pre-K4. The tuition-based Pre-K4 code is 722.

Please note: Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans serves all of Louisiana. Families living outside of Orleans Parish are welcome to apply.

OneApp is the citywide lottery for the majority of charter schools in New Orleans. To learn more about OneApp, visit or watch the video on the right.

Tuition based vs Tuition free - moving on to Kindergarten

Important Notes:

  • Current Tuition Pre-K4 families at Lycée must apply to Kindergarten. Tuition Pre-K4 students are not automatically promoted to Kindergarten.
  • Students already enrolled at Lycée in Kindergarten and beyond do not need to apply to their next grade level. Current students are automatically promoted to the next grade level except in cases of retention.

Applications to Pre-K4 
Tuition-free Pre-K4 (Cecil J. Picard LA4 Early Childhood Program): Code 711
Tuition-based Pre-K4: Code 722

Click here to learn if you should apply to tuition-free, tuition-based, or both.


  • Prior knowledge of the French language is not required for entry to Pre-K4.
  • Families in tuition-based Pre-K4 must apply to kindergarten for the following school year. Tuition-based Pre-K4 students are not automatically promoted to kindergarten.


Applications to Kindergarten 
Code 711

All applications must be submitted online. The online application is available here.

Prior knowledge of the French language is not required for entry to Kindergarten.

Note: Students already enrolled at Lycée in kindergarten and beyond do not need to apply to their next grade level. Current students are automatically promoted to the next grade level except in cases of retention.

EnrollNOLA Performance Score Videos

Translated School and Early Childhood Performance Score Videos Available

The Department released new school and early childhood performance videos in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic to help families breakdown the state’s K-12 and early childhood accountability systems in order to better understand how schools and centers are rated.

K-12 School Performance Scores
Early Childhood Performance Profiles

EnrollNOLA School Guides:



¿Cómo enviar un OneAPP? Folleto Informativo en español

Documentos requeridos para verificación en español

¿Es la primera vez que tienen que llenar un OneApp? ¿Cómo se hace? Mire este video hecho por nuestros hermanos de Our Voice Nuestra Voz NOLA.

La misión de OVNV es asegurarse que todos los estudiantes latinos en Nueva Orleans tengan acceso a una educación equitativa (igual), así como a la creación de la fortaleza en la voz de los padres para apoyar a los niños en su éxito escolar. Su visión es la equidad educacional para todos los estudiantes en el área de Nueva Orleans, y así reforzar el esfuerzo de Nueva Orleans para convertirse en un modelo de igualdad equitativa.

OneApp en español

Round 1 results

  • If you submit an application during the Main Round, your placement results will be available on in April of the following year.
  • Families who submitted an application with an email address listed will receive their results at the email address they provided.
  • If your contact information has changed since submitting an application, please contact the OneApp at

How to log back in to your Parent Portal to verify placement results

  1. Go to and click on “Apply Now” in the left-land menu
  2. Click the “Apply Now” button on the page
  3. Log into your account
  4. Click on the “5 School Placement” tab in the top menu
  5. Review the table under the School Year Placement to see your child’s assignment for next year
  • OneApp will deliver results as expeditiously as possible after the match is declared final. If you do not receive your placement results, or need help, please visit a Family Resource Center, or contact OneApp at or (877) 343-4773.

Seat acceptance deadlines

  1. Once you have received your placement results, you must accept your seat by mid May. Below are the list of documents you need to bring to your assigned school:
    • Seat Acceptance Form
    • Child’s birth certificate
    • Child’s immunization records
    • Parent identification
    • Proof of residency (utility bill, rental lease agreement / mortgage, property tax notice, etc.)
    • IEP / 504 plan (if applicable)
    • Students ages infant to 4 years old only: Proof of income (LA Purchase Card Budget Sheet / Benefits Statement, last four consecutive paychecks, letter from employer stating wage and average weekly hours worked) AND 2 proofs of residency

    Failure to accept your seat may result in the loss of your seat assignment.

    If you misplaced or did not receive a copy of your seat acceptance form, please visit your assigned school or a Family Resource Center.

Please see the Family Resource Location flier to see locations!

Main Round resources in multiple languages




April 9, 2019

OneApp 101

The annual, highly anticipated OneApp results will be released later this month.  Although OneApp has existed for 8 years, this is the very first time that I, as Superintendent, will be responsible for their release. With so much riding on our schools and parents investing so much on placement results, this is at the forefront of my mind.  As a newly formed school system with a lot of firsts and new territory, releasing OneApp results presents a great challenge and a great opportunity. We are prepared to meet that challenge, seize that opportunity, and hope to prepare the community at large for the release of OneApp results.

There are some important things that our community needs to know about OneApp before results are released:

  • The OneApp, short for “one application,” is our centralized school enrollment application.  Families who are new to New Orleans, enrolling in public schools for the first time, or applying to transfer schools may submit a OneApp to apply to attend any participating school. Families rank their school choices, and are then matched to an open seat at one of those schools, through a weighted lottery process. OneApp originated as a tool to fairly coordinate enrollment across Recovery School District, state authorized, publicly-funded early childhood, and OPSB schools.  When schools returned to local control in July 2018, the Orleans Parish School Board absorbed OneApp.
  • A centralized enrollment system, like OneApp, is central to our quest for equity.  It precludes subjective review of student applications.  A student’s academic history, behavioral record, and special needs are not factors for admission.  It also levels the playing field for families from different economic classes or social circles, by eliminating back-door admissions and creating a convenient, one-time application process. 
  • Demand for seats is very high, but ultra-concentrated.  There are 79 OPSB schools, but most applications list the same 5-10 schools.  It is my most urgent priority to increase capacity at A and B schools, but I worry that parents overlook schools who are doing amazing things for children.  We must increase awareness of schools with “A” rated growth, schools with specialized programming, and schools with high teacher and student retention.
  • Until the majority of our schools are delivering a high-quality education, OneApp results will be a mixed bag.  Many families will be elated with their placements, but many families will be disappointed.  OneApp cannot guarantee that all families will receive their top choice, but OneApp does guarantee that, in a landscape of citywide access and choice, every single family is considered fairly, in an equitable, transparent enrollment process.
  • Most schools have 1-2 priority areas for student placements.  Priorities are set during the very creation of a school or when that school joined OneApp and are tied to the purpose of that school.  For example, a Sibling Priority means that school prioritizes having family units together and a Geographic Priority means that school prioritizes the families in the physical community it serves.

As I highlighted in my January Aspirations for 2019, OneApp’s effectiveness is one of my biggest focuses.  In service to that aspiration, the Board Members, my team and I have made several critical moves to improve families’ experience with OneApp including ensuring that the latest school letter grades, and renewal decisions were updated before OneApp opened, enacting a system-wide Geographic Priority for families within walking distance of a school, and improving the application’s technology to show families which schools they receive geographic priority, in real-time.

These changes go a long way to providing real access to schools, but yet, we have a long way to go.  That “long way to go” is what drives me to work for students every day.  It wakes me up in the morning and fuels my every decision.  As we await OneApp results, remember that the challenge and opportunity also awaits and we are prepared.

– Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools for Orleans ParishFor more information on common enrollment systems: 

April 1 2019: Hardship Transfers End
As a reminder, EnrollNOLA will cease accepting Hardship Transfers as of April 1, 2019. Transfers will only be considered in the case of emergencies. This is to maintain stability during testing and the end of the school year. Families who strongly desire a new placement are strongly encouraged to submit a OneApp in Round 2, if they did not do so during the Main Round.

OneApp - truth or myth? If I live near the school, I get a priority in the lottery.

Myth! LFNO does NOT give geographical priority in the OneApp process.

OneApp - truth or myth? If I or my child are French citizens, we are guaranteed a seat at Lycée.

Myth! All children, regardless of citizenship, must submit a OneApp and participate in the lottery based on the priorities (qualify as Economically Disadvantaged or are siblings of current students) and/or their lottery number.

OneApp - truth or myth? Do I really have to apply close to a year before my child actually starts to attend a school?

True! Round 1 of the OneApp typically starts in November for start of school of the following August!

OneApp - truth or myth? If I get a seat for Pre-K4 and decline it, I will be "blacklisted" if I try to apply again next year for Kindergarten.

Myth! No records are kept in any place to show if a seat was declined prior to a new application.

OneApp - truth or myth? I must attend an open house or visit the school or else my child will not be eligible for LFNO

Myth! While it is highly recommended that you attend one of the open houses (scheduled during Round 1, between November and February), it is NOT mandatory to be considered eligible for the OneApp. Attendance to an open house is not recorded anywhere nor reported to EnrollNOLA.

Updated April 9, 2019.

How the OneApp works (English)

Cómo funciona el OneApp (en español)