Request to Update Information

Dear Lycée Families,
thank you for all the love and support shown to our faculty and staff during the holiday season. It was a very ‘sweet’ send off and we are getting back with renewed energy. Students are fully engaged in learning, TOC experiences are in full swing, and plans for our overall growth are ongoing.
We’d like to bring to your attention one important update in our process for requesting changes to personal information. This new process goes into effect immediately. For reasons of student safety and security, parents and guardians will be able to update personal information (address, emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups) via the following FORM. Please print, fill and bring completed, signed form to the campus specific front office manager. While this process is not ideal, it is one that guarantees our students safety. We have already reached out to our parent portal provider to add the ability to do this electronically by the beginning of next school year.
Another quick note on security: while it is a courtesy to hold the front door to school visitors, our front office staff is asking that you do not offer this courtesy, so they can better vet all those who enter our building.
Thank you for your assistance and understanding.
Marina Schoen