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Resto! Meal Program


Full-price meals are $2.73 for lunch and $1.26 for breakfast. All students who do not bring lunch from home will be served a delicious Resto! meal. Parents will be billed afterward.

Lycée is asking all families to complete a lunch application.

it is vital that LFNO achieves 100% Lunch Application entries for funding and reporting. Even if you do not believe you qualify, please still fill out. At the beginning of the application, there is an option that where you can check a box that states “I do not qualify”. Please check the box and fill out the required data. See instructions below.

Public Release Information | DOWNLOAD
Lycée Wellness Policy | DOWNLOAD

Based on application results, Lycée may:

  1. Offer free or reduced lunch to families who qualify.
  2. Offer a 50% to 80% discount on one after school enrichment activity.
  3. Provide RTA passes for families in need of transportation to school.

INSTRUCTIONS: On applying for Free or Reduced Lunch.

Families may complete an application online at Enter “70115” as the zip code and “The Healthy School Food Collaborative” as the district. Alternatively, paper applications may be retrieved from the front offices of both the Patton St. and Johnson campuses.


Online payment has arrived through Here, parents are able to load their accounts, and meals will be deducted whenever their children have school lunch. Detailed instructions can be found here in English and Spanish.

Parents who prefer to pay by check may write submit checks payable to Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans.

Pagos y Asistencia en español
Si tiene alguna duda o pregunta sobre cómo usar MySchoolBuck, puede escribir (en español) al correo o bien llamar al 855-832-5226 y preguntar por Julio.


March Breakfast
March Lunch
March Snack

*Please note:
1. The vegetarian menu has been incorporated into the menus.
2. To view the entire month, please download the menu.


Resto! is in need of volunteers to help during lunchtime. All volunteers must have completed a background check application and submitted it to the New Orleans Police Department. Volunteers can begin service once Lycée has received their approved applications. Sign up by campus below!

Updated February 20, 2020.