Serving all of Louisiana

Staff Directory

Academic Administration
Marina Schoen, CEO,
Chana Benenson, Johnson Principal,
Danielle Dufauchard, Patton Principal,
Soazic Pougault, Director of Academics,
Yann Colin, Director of Middle School,
Mandi Lehnherr, Director of Special Education,
Derek Mosely, Director of Response to Intervention,
Claire Dahm, Director of Extended Day Programs,
Mary-Devon Dupuy, Extended Day Site Manager,
Claire Honoré, Instructional Strategist,
Martin Honoré, Instructional Strategist,

Operations Administration/Support
Christopher Windon, Director of Finance & Operations,
Jessica Aris, Director of Human Resources,
Sophie Pena Uijttenboogaard, Director of Development,
Jethro Celestin, Director of Facilities,
Daniel Henry, Director of Technology,
Elaine Guillot, Director of Communication,
Toni Smith, Director of Transportation and Meal Services,
Keione Bastian, Data Manager,
Claudia Elliott, Administrative Assistant,
Katie Bolin, Patton Campus Office Manager,
Sarah Franz, Johnson Campus Office Manager,
Anne Chapman, Bookkeeper,
Gavin Robinson, IT Technician,
Martin Avengo, IT Support Staff,

Frank Bell, Custodian,
Christopher Cloudie, Custodian,
Lacreshia Washington, Custodian,

Student Services
Mandi Lehnerr, Director of RTI,
Derek Mosely, Director of Response to Intervention,
Stephan Daniel, Coordinator of Student Safety,
Angel Werner, School Counselor,
Michelle Tate, School Counselor,
Keli Coleman, School Nurse,
Pam LeBlanc, School Nurse,
Ginger Easton, Part-time School Nurse,
Lindsey Boettinger, Occupational Therapist,
Ashley Aucoin, Coordinator of Athletics & Behavior Supervisor,
Caroline Johnson, Speech Language Pathologist,
Michael-Jean Zinni, Speech Language Pathologist,
Simone Feaster-Armour, Teacher of the Gifted,
Molly Critchlow Liberto, Teacher of the Gifted,
Flora Cabili, Special Educator,
Paula Anicete, Special Educator,
Shermetrius Mack-Gray, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Marissa Morrow, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Chelsea Krout, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Ted Orphan, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Renee Bizette, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Moise “Kanou” Frisch, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Susanna Kropff, Child Specific Paraprofessional,
Kelly Galjour, Middle School Physical Education,
Jana Blakes, Playground Assistant,
Ibrahima Diaban, Thinking Outside the Classroom Facilitator,
Ann Woodruff, Thinking Outside the Classroom Facilitator,

Will Arute, SpED Interventionist,
Julia East, Academic Interventionist,
Britt Hodanger, Academic Interventionist,
Anne Lootens, Academic Interventionist,
Vincent Wiemann, Interventionist,
Rachel Barnett, Behavioral/Academic Interventionist, 

Moyenne section / Pre-K4
Elise Becker, Teacher,
Sam Fick, Teacher,
Cecile Olivieri, Teacher,
Florence Olivieri, Teacher,
Soledad Joseph, Teaching Assistant,
Randall Spidell, Teaching Assistant,
Ana Treffinger, Teaching Assistant,
Rabiatou Iro Mayaki, Teaching Assistant,

Grande section / Kindergarten
Audrey Chiaramonte, Teacher,
Gwladys Dal Toe, Teacher,
Viviane Lerichard, Teacher,
François Zoutu, Teacher,
Eoldie Allard, Teacher,
Sabine Chavet, Teaching Assistant,
Solange Jean-Pierre, Teaching Assistant,
Jean-Denis Hilaire, Teaching Assistant,

Anaïs Nunez, Teaching Assistant,

Cours préparatoire / First grade
Nawell Eddamiri, Teacher,
Laila Hachimi, Teacher,
Benedict Granie, Teacher,
Salma Anguilet, Teacher,
Anne-Laure Dijoux, Teacher,
Julia Reagin, Teaching Assistant,

Cours élémentaire 1 / Second grade
Emilie Gauthier, Teacher,
Kelsi Dougherty, Teacher,
Marielle Peeter Broek, Teacher,
Pauline Gonin Kibby, Teacher,
Aurélie Pierrard, Teacher,

Cours élémentaire 2 / Third grade
Stéphanie Lodenet, Teacher,
Audrey Congi, Teacher,
Valérie Delpy, Teacher,
Emily Thibodeaux, Teacher,
Eugénie Soria, Teacher,

Cours moyen 1 / Fourth grade
Julien Dal Toe, Teacher,
Margot Marks, Teacher,
Hubert Heidsieck, Teacher,
Sarah Mellouki, Teacher,
Yvan Favreau, Teacher,

Cours moyen 2 / Fifth grade
Philippe Chavet, Teacher,
Pierre Alexandre Van Hamme, Teacher,
Jeremy Deveil, Teacher,
Laurie Navarro, Teacher,
Abdelhadi Eddamiri, Teacher,

6ème et 5ème et 4ème / Middle School
Laurent Fontaine, Science Teacher,
Susy Raga, Spanish,
Pierre Yves Hebert, Teacher,
Amélie Foucault, Teacher,
Vanessa Clincy, Teacher,
Antoinnette Majors, Teacher,
Eline Verbeke, Teacher,
Jinger Whiddon, Teacher,
Caitlin Orgeron, French + Math teacher,

English Language Arts and Music
Courtney Spring, ESL and ELA Teacher,
Ben Bruhnke, ELA Teacher,
Jane Joyner, ELA Teacher,
Holly Kymes, ELA Teacher,
Yoon Lee, ELA Teacher,
Rachell Turner ELA Teacher – Patton,
Ciaj Strode, ELA Teacher – Johnson,
Annie Neahring, Teacher,
Fidgi Simeon, ELA Teacher,
Catherine Golden, ELA Teacher,
Rebecca Madura, Art Teacher – Johnson,
Pascal Valcasara, Music Teacher,