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LISTEN UP! Our Students are singer-songwriters.

We are so proud of our students’ work in Mr. Pascal’s music class! Students both composed and wrote lyrics for each song. UN GRAND MERCI to the Jazz and Heritage Foundation which helped us purchase recording equipment like specialized microphones, headphones, and other technical equipment.

Rainbow is a song wrote by 7A class, about racial justice, they started in October 2019. CLICK HERE

Tepala from 6A class is about suicide prevention and is a beautiful message asking friends to stay on earth with us. CLICK HERE

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Vacation at Home, student projects by Ms. Susy’s Spanish class.

We hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Spring Break! We wanted to share projects from Ms. Suzy’s Spanish class. In this activity students take a virtual trip and describe in Spanish where they went. The activity is called #YOVIAJOENCASA (#travelhome)
Can you guess where each of these students went?


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