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The Cycle System

The curriculum at Lycée is based on France’s Ministry of National Education. We supplement our curriculum with English classes to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education and are prepared to excel in state and national exams. The French curriculum is organized as a series of multi-year cycles, during which students are expected to acquire specific knowledge and demonstrate given competencies. The cycle system acknowledges that learning occurs in a different way, and at a different pace, in every child. For example, some may be proficient readers early on, while others, equally bright, take longer. Children begin learning to read at the start of the 2nd cycle. By the end of the cycle, literacy is expected among all students.


1èr cycle – cycle des apprentissages premiers – l’école maternelle

Moyenne section – Prekindergarten
Grande section – Kindergarten

2ème cycle – cycle des apprentissages fondamentaux – l’école élémentaire

Cours préparatoire – First Grade
Cours élémentaire 1 – Second Grade
Cours élémentaire 2 – Third Grade

3ème cycle – cycle de consolidation

Cours moyen 1 – Fourth grade
Cours moyen 2 – Fifth grade
6ème – Sixth grade

Collège et lycée

Collège – 7th through 9th grade
Lycée – 10th grade through 12th grade

Updated August 4, 2016.