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Italian Flagwavers

Lycée had the unique honor of welcoming Sbandieratori Sansepolcro, the Flagwavers of Sansepolcro, Italy. They regaled students at Patton Campus with amazing feats of coordination and impressed us with their depth perception. Let’s just say.. some staff here at Lycée can’t throw a ball two feet in the air and count on catching it.

According to the Sbandieratori Sansepolcro, the history of flagwavers dates back to the Middle Ages:

Europe in the late Middle Ages was often afflicted by wars and the standard-bearing officers were those that led the troops into battle. These standards, armed with blades, gradually become real weapons.

In periods of peace, the standard-bearers would meet in order to develop and improve their techniques, and over time, greater emphasis was given to perfecting the routines and the spectacle.

What a special presentation it was for everyone present!

February Recap

February was a busy month at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Sure, we enjoyed classes, field trips and after school enrichment. On top of that, we also celebrated the 100th day of school and a little thing called Mardi Gras. Needless to say, we were a little busy!

All of these activities are made possible through the support and hard work of teachers, staff, parents, partners, and community members. Merci !


Vietnamese New Year

We believe it’s essential that children learn about customs and traditions from around the world. New Year celebrations around the world are no exception! Lycée recently celebrated Vietnamese New Year with an astounding performance by Versailles Lion Dance Team. It was a blast!


LFNO Sports

Allez les Loup-Garoux !

Did you hear? Lycée’s soccer team took home the championship for their league, after facing fierce opponents from Morris Jeff Community School, Arden Cahill Academy and more.

Soccer is not the only sport in which Lycée students excel in enthusiasm and team spirit. This school year we welcomed our first cross country, basketball, spirit, and flag football teams. In the spring, we’ll introduce tennis!

Interested in supporting LFNO sports but can never make it to a game? Consider purchasing spirit gear, the proceeds of which go directly to our athletics department.

Marché d’Hiver 2016

Spiny dogfish dissection

Fifth graders apply the knowledge they have acquired in anatomy to dissect spiny dogfish specimens.

This and other experiences are part of our Thinking Outside the Classroom program at the Audubon Institute Aquarium of the Americas. To see more of our aquarium classroom, click here.

Exploring the Great Maya Reef

Part of the fifth grade Thinking Outside the Classroom experience at the Audubon Institute Aquarium of the Americas involves snorkeling in the Great Maya Reef with some of the creatures that the children have studied.

The Fall Knowledge Olympiad

Fifth and sixth graders competed in this year’s triannual Knowledge Olympiad to showcase their academic accomplishments and athletic prowess. Teams cycled through a series of challenges, including distance jumping, hurdles, jeopardy, and group exercises.

The team who takes home the gold walks away with a hefty bounty: homework passes, lunch passes and a free music joker, which allows the winners to play songs of their choosing in the classroom. Johnny Hallyday, anyone?


On Sunday, March 13, people gathered at Generations Hall for an evening of food, music and celebration to benefit our school. It was the best L’Extravagance to date!

Special thanks to all the vendors, musicians, donors, and volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Many, many thanks to L’Extravagance Committee: Kim Burgau (chair), Kelly Galjour, Shawn McKee, Tara Richard, Claudia Elliot and  Sophie Peña-Uijttenboogaard (Development Director) for organizing this special night.

Marché d’Hiver at Priestley

For the first time ever, our annual Marché d’Hiver took place on the Priestley campus. The space allowed for more vendors, more games, more food, and more fun for the community.

The Marché d’Hiver is Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans’ annual winter market in the French tradition. Organized by La Liaison PTO, Marché d’Hiver occurs annually on the first Saturday of December.

Lessons in Digestion

Madame Valérie’s third grade class has learned quite a bit about digestion this year. In class, students learned about how the body processes food, from mouth to intestine. It was quite interesting!

Meet & Greet

The 2015-2016 school year is well on it’s way. Here are some snapshots from our annual Meet & Greet.